Live Webinar Thursday, January 31st | 11 am EST/ 8 am PST

Digital Accessibility Beyond Pure Compliance

The IoT era is taking accessible digital experiences a new level.

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About the Webinar

From smart speakers to wearable technology, new touch points are now constantly emerging–bringing fresh touch points to the customer journey on a regular basis.

While this constantly evolving environment gives brands the opportunity to innovate and delight their audiences with cutting-edge digital experiences, it also poses problems to those brands that still struggle with basic website accessibility. For those companies, the prospect of making their entire digital offering accessible to those with disabilities and impairments may seem impossible.

Presented in partnership with MyPlanet dotCMS Partners

We’ll discuss how new technologies and smart UI design can improve digital experiences for everyone. Our partners at Myplanet will be joining us, sharing their take on smart interface design and development, and how to leverage them to address accessibility in the new world through interesting examples and use cases.

Hosted by

Stefan Schinkel dotCMS

Stefan Schinkel

Enterprise Sales
@ dotCMS

Everett Zufelt MyPlanet

Everett Zufelt

Director, Technology Services
@ Myplanet

What You'll Learn

differentiate by accessible

How to differentiate from competitors with accessible and engaging customer experiences

UX and Accessibility

Why accessibility is a key factor in taking user experiences to the next level

smart design

How smart design and interfaces will become the new norm

voice of the user

Real examples of voice activated experiences

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Thursday January 31st | 11am EST/8am PST

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