Training Videos

dotCMS on Demand Online Training

The dotCMS online training course videos are designed for dotCMS Users to reinforce knowledge of dotCMS functionality at all skill levels. Choose the appropriate training course for your user level.

  • Content Contributor
    This course includes all the required information for end-users to become content contributors/publishers and basic webpage creators/publishers. This is an introductory dotCMS course intended for ALL USERS of dotCMS. This training teaches all the basic dotCMS operations such as creating and managing content (copy, images, video), permissions, versions, creating menu links and virtual links, the user workflow, content contribution, and using containers and templates for webpage creation. View the course agenda links above for a complete list of topics covered.
  • Content Architect
    This webmaster course explains how the dotCMS backend feature set works. This course teaches the creation of containers, structures, relationships, templates, velocity code macros, dynamic pages, groups and roles, as well as the use of other advanced features such as the dotCMS Time Machine, site search, custom workflows, and more.
  • Web Developer
    The dotCMS web developer course is intended for users who have already completed the Content Architect training course and wish to learn front end programming techniques and tools for creating dynamic webpages. The web developer course focuses mainly on front end programming tools, so users should have some programming or scripting experience as a course prerequisite.
  • Java Developer
    This course is intended for dotCMS users who have complete knowledge of all dotCMS basic and advanced functions provided by the first two dotCMS courses and are looking to get their hands on the Java dotCMS source code. This course provides an overview of the dotCMS java APIs and architecture, source control with git merge and revision handling, setting up an Eclipse environment, dotCMS integration as well as Velocity and AJAX programming. View the course agenda links above for a complete list of topics covered.
  • Server Administration
    This course is intended for those who will be assigned to the server administration of the dotCMS installation. Server administrators will learn how to configure and implement LDAP user authentication as well as auto-synchronization of LDAP groups with the dotCMS user groups and roles. The course will teach administrators how to implement the dotCMS in a clustered environment, dotCMS maintenance tasks, and how to fine tune dotCMS performance on a server. View the course agenda links above for a complete list of topics covered.