Feature List

Highlighted features of dotCMS Cloud, dotCMS Enterprise and Community Editions. Updated: 02.16.2020

  Cloud Enterprise Community
Term Subscription Annual FREE
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Content Types Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Records Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sites/Channels Unlimited Unlimited Limited
Workflows Unlimited Unlimited -

Content Management

Multi-lingual (i18n/UTF-8) Yes Yes Yes
WYSIWYG Editing Yes Yes Yes
Versioning Yes Yes Yes
SEO Tools Yes Yes Yes
Device Preview Yes Yes Yes
Custom Workflow Yes Yes -
Image Editor Yes Yes -
Dynamic Renditions (Focal Point Cropping) Yes Yes -
TimeMachine/Static Snapshot Yes Yes -
Copy Host Yes Yes -
Form Builder Yes Yes -
Inline Editing Yes Yes -
Red Lining Yes Yes -
Link Checker Yes Yes -
Layout Designer Yes Yes -
Content Type Designer Yes Yes -
SPA Editor (Edit Mode Anywhere) New Yes Yes -

Content Delivery

Content as a Service (CaaS) Yes Yes Yes
RESTful API Yes Yes Yes
Layout as a Service (LaaS) Yes Yes -
Push / Remote Publishing Yes Yes -
Static Publishing to S3 Yes Yes -
Page and Block Caching Yes Yes -
On-Disk Caching Yes Yes -
Redis Caching Yes Yes -
Site Search Yes Yes -
Metadata/Full-Text Searching Yes Yes -


Visitor Personas Yes Yes -
Personalization Yes Yes -
Rule Based Targeting Yes Yes -
User Activity Stream Yes Yes -
Content Geolocation Yes Yes -

Developer Tools

RESTful API Yes Yes Yes
WebDav Yes Yes Yes
Plugin Architecture Yes Yes Yes
Spring Support Yes Yes Yes
Sass Compiler Yes Yes Yes
Spripting as a Service (API Builder) New Yes Yes -
GraphQL Support New Yes Yes -
OSGI Support Yes Yes -
XML Sitemap Yes Yes -
SPA Editor (Edit Mode Anywhere) New Yes Yes -


Dockerized Deployments Yes Yes Yes
Multi-tenant (Multi-site Hosting) Yes Yes Yes
Custom Dashboard / Reporting Yes Yes -
Cluster Auto-scale & Auto-wiring Yes Yes -
High Availability/Clustering Yes Yes -


Active Directory & LDAP Authentication Available Available -
SAML Authentication New Available Available -
OAuth2/OpenId Connect Authentication Available Available -
Pluggable Authentication Available Available -

Application Servers

Tomcat Yes Yes Yes
JBoss - Available -
Weblogic - Available -


PostgreSQL Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Available
MS SQL - Available -
Oracle - Available -

Services & Support

Setup Support Yes Yes -
Customer Portal Yes Yes -
Support Packages Available Available -
Training Available Available -
Professional Services Available Available -

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