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Optimizing On-page SEO in dotCMS

In this blog, I will show you how to use dotCMS to make your SEO life easier. We'll take a look at code examples of how to programmatically ensure best practices for some of your SEO tasks.

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Scripting as a Service: A Look at dotCMS’s Scriptable API Builder

For years, developers have had to build custom REST endpoints to enable brands to deliver experiences to mobile devices, social channels and IoT devices. While this practice is perfectly valid, we have noticed that it can deliver a clunky performance. dotCMS 5.1, introduces a Scriptable API Build and Scripting as a Service to enables developers to create custom REST endpoints without touching a single line of Java code.

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Developer Tutorial: Making Your SPA Content Editable, Anywhere.

SPAs have grown in popularity due to their ability to deliver dynamic user experiences, like those you would expect from a mobile or desktop application, quickly and easily. While SPAs are great from a user perspective, they can be a bit more challenging for your editors to make content changes and updates.

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