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How the CMS Powers Smarter Headless Digital Experiences: A Fireside Chat With dotCMS and Myplanet

In this latest fireside chat, dotCMS's Stefan Schinkel spoke with Michael Younder, Head of Partner Operations at Myplanet, about the need for smarter digital experiences, and how a headless CMS fuels them.

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A Pure Headless CMS is a Pure Nightmare for Marketers

Delivering content exclusively to a web browser and mobile app simply isn’t enough to impress the average consumer anymore. But as more brands adopt pure headless content management systems, we’re noticing that — while developers may be in dreamland — marketers are dealing with a nightmare.

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What Is A Low-Code Digital Experience Platform?

Low-code platforms streamline website, application and software development. What might have taken months in the past, can be deployed in a matter of days or weeks using low-code tools.

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