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IoT & Accessibility: How the Internet of Things is Transforming Accessible Digital Experiences

The emergence of IoT devices have made life easier for those with disabilities, but has this been a conscious effort on behalf of industry-leading brands, or just a fortunate side effect of omnichannel marketing?

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Single Page Applications & SEO: How to Get it Right

Optimizing for SEO is no easy task, let alone optimizing for a single page. However, though SEO and Single Page Applications don't always play well, there is a way to optimize for search engines - here's how.

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How To Use a Static-site Generator: Build a Website With Gatsby and dotCMS

Learn the process of using Gatsby alongside dotCMS, a Java-based open-source headless CMS, to build a static website that uses API calls to pull content that’s created, stored, and managed in dotCMS, and presented by Gatsby.

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