Personalization & Content Targeting

dotCMS allows marketing teams to target content and create relevant experiences across every channel and touchpoint in the customer journey. dotCMS is perfect for teams managing 1, 10, or even 1,500+ channels, including desktop, mobile, and the Internet of Things.

Product Brief

Content personalization and rules engine in dotCMS

Creating a Relevant Experience

With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), the number of digital devices will only continue to increase, putting higher demands on enterprises to produce relevant content quickly — and at scale. Content targeting is not so much just creating massive amounts of content, but it’s about creating relevant content that resonates with the targeted audiences throughout the various lifecycles a customers goes through with your brand.

Create personalized experiences with targeting content for visitors


dotCMS offers a simple, yet very effective content targeting and personalization module for marketing teams. The content and presentation layers are completely separated by design, allowing for dynamic and personalized experiences, at scale.

Rules Engine

Using the dotCMS Rules Engine, adding rules does not require any coding expertise and is supported by an intuitive UI. It allows marketing teams to create simple or complex rules without the need for coding skills or any other limiting factors. In addition, dotCMS offers inline editing of targeting rules to make the experience for marketers even easier.

rules engine to create connected and personalized experiences
Create personas to help personalize your website


dotCMS offers persona-driven content targeting and personalization, where the persona definition can be set on multiple characteristics such as device type, referrer URL, Geolocation, New Visitor, Tags, etc. During the authoring process, pages can be previewed for the different personas and/or devices to make sure the right experience is delivered at all times


Geo-targeting can be set up as granularly as you need: city, state, county or country level and even an interactive radius tool help the marketing team to get the geo-targeting setting laser focused.

Create rules an personalization based on the visitors geo-location

Personalization for Retail

There is a distinction in product-rich websites between content targeting, personalizing site search, and / or browsing product catalogs that one typically sees with retail brands (both B2C and B2B).

This is not the specialty of Content Management Systems, which is where third party vendors like commercetools, Unbxd, Magento, and more can supplement the overall personalization strategy. dotCMS integrates seamlessly with these vendors and more as part of our API-first architecture.

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