dotCMS Video Channel

"Top-Notch" Tech Support

When managing multiple websites in Junior Achievement’s case, it is reassuring to know that your platform is fully supported by a dedicated team of engineers that strive to meet your needs in the most efficient and effective manner. Watch to get a first-hand perspective of dotCMS’ “fantastic” tech support.

A Platform for Rapid Development

With the challenge of developing a SPA for the LeBron James Foundation in the space of three weeks, Ethode had the full confidence in utilizing dotCMS’ NoCode and framework agnostic model to develop, implement, test and deliver the project on time.

Access to All Sites on One Platform

Besides the SPA, the LeBron James Foundation is involved in multiple ventures including the main site itself. dotCMS enabled Ethode to amalgamate all these sites onto a single platform so that they could have full control over it.

Agile Content Management

As a long standing customer, Ethode knew they could take full advantage of dotCMS’ API-driven environment to headlessly deliver content to websites, mobile apps, and even SPAs.

An Investment in the Future

The team at Junior Achieve didn’t just want a platform that could just seamlessly deliver their experiences across 120 sites. They wanted a platform that could readily adapt to the ever-changing demands of the IoT-era. On observing dotCMS’ future plans of further incorporating AI technology in content management, Junior Achievement made the right decision in partnering up with dotCMS.

Building & Managing Single Page Apps in Your CMS

Single Page Applications (SPA) have grown in popularity recently due to their improved application performance and consistency as well as the reduced development time and infrastructure costs. Along with newer JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, SPAs are becoming the go-to for enterprises who are looking to decouple their content and presentation layers (i.e. go headless!) and are looking for a speedy dynamic experience for their users.