Senior Project Manager

Environments and Implementation/Life Cycle Strategy

Once you know dotCMS is the right product to host your website, one of the questions that is next to be answered is: "how many servers will I need?"
In this blog you will find the description of the basic set of environments that we recommend you to plan for during your initiation phase.
Also in the blog, we will talk about the different strategies you may follow to launch your new sites hosted in dotCMS and the life cycle that you will need to considered once your new website is live.

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Submitting Content Securely

Sponsored by HCA, the development of the Secure Form plugin allows the communication between public and private dotCMS instances so that the information submitted in a form is captured, transferred, and stored securely.

This post will give you a brief idea of how the basic submit process provided by the dotCMS Form Handler functionality has been modified to achieve a higher lever of security.
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dotCMS Enterprise: The Journey of a Bug.

Giving support to dotCMS EE clients on dealing with bugs that may restraint the proper behavior of their websites is one of the main goals to be achieved under dotCMS Enterprise model.
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