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Pulling Ahead with dotCMS 3.6.0 09.03.2016 | John Michael Thomas

Performance improvements, upgraded components, and new features provide compelling reasons to upgrade existing sites to dotCMS 3.6.0.
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Snapshot dotCMS 3.3 12.08.2015 | John Scudder

Summary and Tips for Getting the Most from the New dotCMS Version 3.3 Software Release. The release highlights include advanced caching with the Redis external cache provider.
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Fresh Release: dotCMS 3.1 03.17.2015 | John Scudder

Just released, dotCMS 3.1 - new features and loads of fun. Veteran or newb with dotCMS, you’ll be pleased with the latest release and the powerful and creative options it brings for building dynamic, compelling, content driven user experiences (UX).
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Why dotCMS plugins change everything… 03.27.2009 | Will Ezell

The pending release of dotCMS 1.7 is the most stable, solid, performant release of dotCMS to date. We have spent countless hours and development cycles improving and QAing the multitude of functionality included in dotCMS. There are also a host of new features, which we’ll talk about later. So of course all that’s great news. Blah, blah, blah.
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