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dotCMS 3.5.1

Available: Jul 26, 2016

dotCMS version 3.5.1 is a maintenance release to add some performance improvements and fix a number of reported issues in the 3.5 release.

Important Changes

Configuration Changes

Important changes in dotCMS 3.5.1 configuration may impact your performance when upgrading an existing site. Please read the documentation sections on all of these changes before upgrading from a previous release.

Postgres Upgrade Requirements

Clients with large datasets that are using a Postgres database must make configuration changes to two properties in the context.xml file both prior to and after the upgrade to ensure the upgrade completes successfully.

Before Upgrade:

Before starting up the new 3.5.1 instance, change the following property values in your context.xml file to the values shown below:

After Upgrade:

After the upgrade process is completed, the properties for the Postgress configuration should be reset to the default settings:


Upgrading from a pre-3.2.4 Release

There is a known issue with the upgrade tasks that will prevent a direct upgrade to version 3.5.1 from any release prior to dotCMS 3.2.4. If you are upgrading from a pre-3.2.4 release, you must first upgrade to dotCMS 3.5, and then after that upgrade is complete, upgrade from dotCMS 3.5 to dotCMS 3.5.1.

Performance Improvements

Several performance improvements have been made in this release:

  • Improved cache handling of permissions: The overall system performance has been improved by reducing the number of round trips to the database server when checking permissions (#9312).
  • Improved upgrade performance: Upgrade tasks for datasets with a large number of contentlets that utilize tags has been significantly optimized (#9362).
  • Improved cache performance under heavy load: The cache implementation has been changed to utilize less CPU resources (#9221).

To view the details on any of these issues, please click the link in parentheses next to each issue.


This release includes fixes for a number of reported issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Fixed critical security isssue, "Lack of user verification in the CMSMaintenanceAjax class" (SI-37).
  • Changed database to maintain compatibility with the new version of Oracle (#9277).
  • Improved the DB locks used in scheduled jobs when running with MS SQLServer (#9270).
  • Fixed an issue when deleting a field from a Content Type with large numbers of existing records (#8793).

To view the details on any of these issues, please click the link in parentheses next to each issue.

To view more information on these issues, please visit the dotCMS Github repository.

Known Issues

  • There is an issue with the upgrade tasks (#9475) when upgrading to dotCMS 3.5.1 from a version of dotCMS earlier than dotCMS 3.2.4.
    • Attempts to upgrade directly from versions of dotCMS earlier than 3.2.4 to dotCMS 3.5.1 will fail.
    • To upgrade from a version of dotCMS earlier than 3.2.4, you must first upgrade to dotCMS 3.5, then upgrade to dotCMS 3.5.1.

dotCMS 3.3.2

Available: May 10, 2016

dotCMS version 3.3.2 is a maintenance release to fix security issues. Note that all fixes in the 3.3.2 release are also included in the dotCMS 3.5 release.


This release includes fixes for the following reported security issues:

  • XSS vulnerability in the Query Tool (lucene) screen.
  • SQL Injection vulnerability when saving content through the REST API.
  • Ability to view files on the Log Viewer outside the configured directory.
  • SQL Injection vulnerability in the Workflow configuration screen.
  • Header injection vulnerability in the send email functionality.
  • SQL Injection vulnerability via DWR.
  • Lack of user verification in the CMSMaintenanceAjax class.

To view more information on these issues, please see the Known Security Issues documentation.

dotCMS 3.5

Available: Apr 19, 2016

dotCMS version 3.5 contains several major new features and improvements. We encourage you to evaluate the new features and improvements in this release on the dotCMS Demo Site, and we welcome your feedback.

Important Changes

The following important changes in dotCMS 3.5 may require a change in your configuration, or may impact your performance when upgrading an existing site. Please read the documentation sections on all of these changes before upgrading from a previous release.

dotCMS 3.5 no longer supports Java 7

You must use Java 8 or later versions with dotCMS 3.5.

  • The MaxPermSize parameter has been removed from the dotCMS startup script.
    • Java 8 no longer supports the MaxPermSize parameter.
    • If you have made changes to MaxPermSize in your startup script, you must replace it with MaxMetaspaceSize for the changes to have any effect in Java 8.

The /plugins/common.xml file has Changed

When copying your static plugins to the 3.5 release, you must not copy the entire /plugins/ folder from the previous release.
Instead, copy each individual plugin folder (and the plugins.xml file if you have changed it) from the old release to the 3.5 release folder.

For more information on the proper steps to copy your plugins to 3.5, please see the Upgrading dotCMS documentation.

New Features

dotCMS 3.5 contains two major new features which enable you to customize the display of your site for different users:

  1. Rules are a very powerful feature that enable you to set dotCMS properties and change how your pages are displayed based on visitor information such as visitor location and platform.
  2. Personalization allows you to provide personalized content to different users that visit your site based on user preferences and browsing behavior.
    • The Visitors feature provides you with information about each user who visits to your site, including current information such as user location and platform, and historical information such as the tags of content the user has visited in the past.
    • The Personas feature allows you to define different types of users, and then server content to each user based on which type of user you've identified them as.
    • The pullPersonalized method enables you to automatically pull and sort personalized content for different users, using the built-in personalization features of both Visitors and Personas.

In addition, dotCMS 3.5 now allows you to sort content pulls by score.


The 3.5 release includes fixes for a number of reported issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Fixed critical security issue, "SQL Injection via REST API", SI-35
  • Fixed moderate security issue, "SQL Injection from Workflow Screen III", SI-36
  • Fixed moderate security issue, "Directory traversal vulnerability by Admin", SI-34
  • Fixed low security issue, "XSS in Lucene Search Admin tool", SI-33
  • Incorrect Logging Levels in the PluginFileMerger class.
  • Image Editor image size slider doesn't display correctly.
  • Copy Host -> Copy Content does not link the new content to the new host.
  • When using H2 database, the Templates list is empty for non-admins when adding a page.
  • A 404 exception generates an unnecessary stack trace in the log file.
  • CookieUtil sometimes generates incorrect cookies or cookie syntax.
  • Initial Referrer not set correctly in ClickstreamFactory.

In addition, the 3.5 release includes fixes for the following issues (which are also fixed in the 3.3.1 maintenance release):

  • After migrating legacy pages, the Redirect URL value is dropped.
  • Cannot add folders at root level with limited user.
  • File names are not escaped when Downloading.
  • Wrong language_id affects the current session.
  • Error generating Integrity Checker results using MS SQL Server.
  • Log4j2 log rollover stores files in incorrect location.
  • FileAssetMap does not have a 'host' field anymore.
  • Release aborted file handles.
  • Casting exception during Push Publishing when running on MS SQL Server.
  • Host Lookup in request does not work in Live Mode.
  • The back-end Link to the dotCMS Support Portal is wrong.
  • Integrity Checker fails when there are unpublished/archived assets.
  • Cluster cache gets corrupted after receiving content.
  • OSGI Framework tries to deploy bad plugins indefinitely.
  • NavTool returns wrong "active" items.
  • Button in Push Publish Workflow Action has misleading label.
  • Files under a folder are sorted incorrectly.

To view more information on any of these issues, please visit the dotCMS Github repository.

Additional Changes and Improvements

Known Issues

dotCMS 3.3.1

Available: Mar 16, 2016

dotCMS version 3.3.1 is a maintenance release to add some performance improvements and fix a number of reported issues in the 3.3 release.

Performance Improvements

Several performance improvements have been made in this release, including but not limited to the following:

  • Push publishing has been optimized for bundles containing related items, significantly improving speed for large sites.
  • Some MySQL queries have been optimized, significantly improving performance for some operations.
  • Performance has been improved when viewing pages in Edit or Preview mode on servers with large numbers of Content Types.


This release includes fixes for a number of reported issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • After migrating legacy pages, the Redirect URL value is dropped.
  • Cannot add folders at root level with a limited user, even when permissions should allow it.
  • Filenames are not escaped when Downloading.
  • In some cases, the wrong language_id affects the current session.
  • The Integrity Checker sometimes generates errors when running on MS SQL Server.
  • Log4j2 log rollover file locations have changed to support improved log history.
  • FileAssetMap no longer has a 'host' field.
  • In some specific circumstances, aborted filehandles may not be released properly.
  • There is sometimes a casting exception during Push Publishing when running on MS SQL Server.
  • Host Lookup in request does not work in Live Mode.
  • The back-end Link to the dotCMS Support Portal is incorrect.
  • Integrity Checker may sometimes fail if there are unpublished/archived assets.
  • The cluster cache may sometimes become corrupted after receiving content.
  • NavTool may return incorrect "active" items.
  • Button in Push Publish Workflow Action has a misleading label.
  • Files under a folder are sometimes sorted incorrectly.
  • Pushed Containers and Templates sometimes don't go live on the receiving site.
  • getContentletVersionInfo() has inconsistent behavior.
  • Log messages for OSGI plugins are displayed in catalina.out instead of dotcms.log.

To view more information on these issues, please visit the dotCMS Github repository.

dotCMS 3.3

Available: Dec 4, 2015

Important Changes

A number of important changes in dotCMS 3.3 configuration may impact your performance when upgrading an existing site. Please read the documentation sections on all of these changes before upgrading from a previous release.

Configuration Changes

The following important changes have been made to configuration in dotCMS 3.3:

Behavior Changes

In addition, the following differences in default behavior in dotCMS 3.3 may change your expectations and require a review of your administration practices. Please review all of these changes before upgrading from a previous release.

Velocity Macro Caching

dotCMS 3.3 uses a new cache chain which allows you to specify multiple cache providers in a chain. Due to the need to support cache providers which handle velocity code in different ways, velocity macros can no longer be cached to disk.

If you have velocity macros in .vtl files, the velocity macros will not render properly on some servers, or after a restart.

If your velocity macros are stored in files with a .vm extension you do not need to make any changes; dotCMS will automatically cache your macros to memory only, and your applications will continue to work normally.

If you have velocity macros stored in .vtl files or files with other extensions, you have two options to prevent problems rendering your macros:

  • Move all velocity macros into separate files with an extension of .vm.
  • Enterprise Only: Change the Velocity cache region chain (cache.VelocityUserVTLCache.chain) to use cache providers which store data to memory only.

Please see the Cache Configuration documentation for more information.

The Startup Script Has Changed

The dot.jamm jar has been upgraded to a newer version, so the command used to startup the javaagent for the dot.jamm jar has changed. If you have implemented any changes to your startup script, you will need to copy this change to your startup script to make the following replacement:

  • 3.2.4:
  • 3.3:

Cache Configuration has Changed

dotCMS 3.3 includes a new cache chain feature which enables Enterprise customers to configure and customize cache providers. As part of this change, the cache configuration properties have changed.  How you address these changes depends on your dotCMS license version:

Community Customers:

dotCMS 3.3 still uses the cache size parameters (cache.default.size, cache.adminconfigpool.size, etc.), but dotCMS Community Edition no longer uses a disk cache.  So if you have changed your cache .size parameters you must copy them to the dotCMS 3.3 properties file, but no other changes are needed (and you do not need to copy your cache .disk parameters such as cache.default.disk).

Enterprise Customers:

dotCMS 3.3 still uses the cache size parameters (cache.default.size, cache.adminconfigpool.size, etc.), so if you've made changes to these properties you will need to copy them to your dotCMS 3.3 configuration.  However the ".disk" properties (cache.default.disk, cache.contentletcache.disk, etc.) have been replaced with the cache chain properties, so if you've made changes to the cache ".disk" cache properties, you must reconfigure your cache using the new cache chain parameters in dotCMS 3.3.  Please see the Cache Chaining documentation for more information.

Quartz Job Scheduler MisfireHandler Log Error

When upgrading from an older version, you may receive an error in the logs related to the quartz job scheduler:

CST ERROR quartz.DotJobStore: MisfireHandler: Error handling misfires: Couldn't store trigger 'trigger16' for 'CleanBlockCacheScheduledTask'

Although this causes errors to be written to the log file, it does not affect system performance.


The CleanBlockCacheScheduledTask is a system job, so it can't be removed from the Job Scheduler tab. To remove the errors from the log file, you must manually run SQL commands against your database to remove the CleanBlockCacheScheduledTask. The following SQL commands will remove the task causing the error (these commands can be used in all databases):

DELETE FROM qrtz_excl_cron_triggers WHERE trigger_name IN (SELECT trigger_name FROM qrtz_excl_triggers WHERE job_name = 'CleanBlockCacheScheduledTask');
DELETE FROM qrtz_excl_triggers WHERE job_name = 'CleanBlockCacheScheduledTask';
DELETE FROM qrtz_excl_job_details WHERE job_name = 'CleanBlockCacheScheduledTask';

Important Logging Changes

dotCMS 3.3 has been upgraded to Log4j version 2. As part of this update, a number of changes have been made to the logging configuration and behavior.

The log4j.xml File is No Longer Used

The log4j configuration file has been renamed to log4j2.xml, and moved to the ROOT/WEB-INF/log4j folder.

If you've made changes to the log4j configuration on your site, you may still use many of your changes, but you will need to merge these changes into the log4j2.xml file provided with dotCMS 3.3.  Please see the Logging Configuration documentation for more information.

dotCMS Messages are No Longer Written to the Console

To improve performance and prevent management issues with application server log files (e.g. catalina.out), dotCMS log messages are no longer written to the console. All dotCMS log messages can still be viewed in the dotCMS log files; please see the Logging Configuration documentation for more information.

The Log file Rollover Pattern has Changed

Rolled log files are now stored in date-stamped directories under the /dotserver/Tomcat-X.xx/webapps/dotsecure/ directory (or whatever directory is specified by your DOTCMS_LOGGING_HOME variable). This means that log files from previous days will not be automatically overwritten as they were in previous versions, giving you access to older log files, but requiring you to periodically remove older log directories (manually or through a scheduled task). In addition, for large sites with significant log activity, this may cause the log files to roll over more frequently than in previous versions.

If you wish to change rolling log file behavior to store all rolled log files in a single folder (e.g. .../dotsecure/logs/archive), edit the log4j2.xml file, replacing the string $${date:yyyy-MM} in all FILENAME_PATTERN properties with the name of the folder to store the files (e.g. archive).


  • Fixed a number of reported security issues (please contact dotCMS support for more information).
  • Fixed several issues with push publishing.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Integrity Checker.
  • Fixed some scroll bar issues in Edit Mode in IE11.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect dates set in a .ICS file downloaded from the Calendar.
  • Fixed some issues managing files and folders in the Site Browser.
  • Fixed an issue preventing newly created cookies from respecting the expire parameter.
  • Fixed some ordering issues with Workflow sub-actions.
  • Fixed some issues running dotCMS as a WAR in JBoss and WebSphere.
  • Fixed an issue with Image Editor URLs.

New Features

  • Added a Stop Reindex and Make Active button to allow you to safely stop the reindexing process.
  • Added the ability to use external cache providers, including Redis.
  • Added the ability to chain the cache, and specify different chains for each cache region.
  • Added the ability to directly push languages and add languages to bundles
  • Added a User Agent viewtool plugin.

Additional Changes and Improvements

  • The Reindex feature has been improved to try all records once before retrying failed records a configurable number of times, ensuring failed records will not hold up the reindex process. In addition logging and notifications of index failures have been improved, and buttons have been added to display failed records and auto switch to the new index if needed.
  • Right-click functionality in the WYSIWYG field has been disabled. We now rely entirely on the user's browser for functions such as spell check.
  • The JUnit framework is no longer packaged with dotCMS. If you have a plugin that requires the JUnit framework, you must repackage your plugin to include it.
  • The class com.dotmarketing.cache.StructureCache was refactored to com.dotmarketing.cache.ContentTypeCache. Any references in plugins or other locations should be updated to the new class name when upgrading.
  • Updated the CMIS library to version 1.3.
  • The HTML code returned for page redirects has been changed from 302 (moved temporarily) to 301 (moved permanently).
  • The navtool Velocity viewtool now accepts a navigation level, allowing you to display the navigation from any level in the navigation tree.
  • The jsontool and importtool Velocity viewtools now accept a timeout value to prevent long waiting requests from stalling threads.
  • The StructureCache class has been refactored to the ContentTypeCache class.
    • Any plugins or code which imports the StructureCache must be refactored to refer to the new class.

dotCMS 3.2.4

Available: Aug 18, 2015


  • Added ability to add files without extensions via webdav
  • Improved 1.9 to 3.2.4 upgrade
  • Improved logging for the Migrate to Content functionality
  • Cut/Paste fixed on Legacy Pages
  • Added config to sleep during Reindex logic
  • Improved the performance for File Assets when getting their dimensions 

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 3.2.3

Available: Jul 21, 2015


  • Improvements to Reindex Logic on Failures in ElasticSearch 

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 3.2.2

Available: Jul 1, 2015


  • Fixed issues with What's Changed functionality in Edit Mode 
  • Fixed some issues with Publishing content in multiple languages 
  • Fixed some major performance issues with legacy pages meaning pages that are not content

Things to Know

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 3.2.1

Available: Jun 8, 2015


  • Updated Spring OSGi example plugin from Spring 3 to Spring 4.
  • Made multiple performance improvements.
  • Sessions are no longer required and load balancer stickiness is not longer mandatory for front end site delivery in a cluster (the admin functionality and multilingual sites where languages can be toggled still require sessions).  By default, dotCMS still creates sessions for clickstream tracking.  You can turn off automatic session cookie creation by setting ENABLE_CLICKSTREAM_TRACKING to false in your


  • Fixed the key value field losing data after rendering in the UI.
  • Fixed the DB pooling parameters. The context.xml shipped with 3.2 still used Tomcat 7 specific properties which no longer work with Tomcat 8, specifically the maxActive configuration option has been renamed to maxTotal and the maxWait configuration option has been renamed to maxWaitMillis.
  • Fixed issues with images in a multi-lingual site
  • Fixed static plugin compiling issues with Java 7 and 8
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Navtool Viewtool and Multiple Languages on Pages as Content

Things to Know

  • dotCMS will no longer be supporting or providing the autoupdater. dotCMS 3.2.1 will be the last release that can be updated to using it.  Moving forward, clients should follow the straightforward upgrade steps found here :
  • Everyone running stock dotCMS (meaning running in Tomcat not running as a WAR) and upgrading to 3.2.1 should copy the 3.2.1 context.xml to your Config plugin and replace your connection settings with the new, tomcat 8 specific settings. It has the updated Tomcat 8 datasource properties.
  • JbossRulesFilter has been commented out in the web.xml by default.

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 3.2

Available: Apr 22, 2015


  • Ships with updated Tomcat 8.0.18
  • Java 8 now supported. You can still run Java 7 if needed
  • Added 3 new out of the box Actionlets for Custom Workflows (Email, Auto Set Value, and an Auto Push)


  • Fixed the random sort on pull contents
  • Fixed some issues with Weblogic
  • Fixed 3.x issue where the history code fields in containers was not saved

Things to Know

  • If using the Autoupdater you will need to alter any plugins that reference Tomcat as the directory is different with the new Tomcat version. ie.. server.xml, ROOT.xml or context.xml

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 3.1

Available: Mar 17, 2015

New Features

  • HTML Pages are now Content
    • As content, HTML Pages enjoys all of the features of content.  i.e. workflow, versioning, multilingual support, pessimistic locking etc.
    • To support all the new functionality Edit Mode has been improved on the left side controls when editing an HTML Page as Content including Workflow Controls
  • Pages can now exist on the root of a host. This means that if you have a page on the root of your site you no longer need the Virtual Link to map your home page
  • Pages no longer require a file extension
  • Pages can have UTF-8 URIs.
  • Added a more secure Viewtool to query the dotCMS DB directly. The new tool is mapped to com.dotmarketing.viewtools.SQLResultsViewTool@5aebafd0. The old method in the CMSMacro Viewtool has been deprecated.
  • All Enterprise versions have added the ability to pass Elasticsearch queries directly into dotCMS. This allows greater flexibility. The queries can be passed in via REST, directly to our APIs in Java, or from Velocity via a Viewtool
    • There is a REST example of this using Geolocalization on the new starter site
    • This opens the possibilities to using functionality like suggestion, facets, geolocalization etc…
    • There is a new portlet that can be used to test queries

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • Fixed front end issue where some special characters would use excess CPU cycles
  • A number of security improvements have been made regarding how dotCMS manages cookies
  • Timemachine will now copy dotAsset files
  • The Activity Logger is now logging more events on content modifications
  • Fixed an issue where the back end session would time out while logged in
  • The CSV Content importer now accepts more date formats
  • Updated to the latest ElasticSearch (v1.4.2).  This will necessitate a reindex on upgrade
  • Front end forms have much improved multilingual support
  • JGroups library was upgraded which should prevent a small potential memory leak when running a cluster
  • Many fixes to the Integrity Checker and Push Publishing infrastructure
  • Improved the SASS/LESS infrastructure.  There is still an issue with SASS on Windows which is still not working.
  • Improved the REST Portlet infrastructure for those creating portlets in the backend
  • Fixed plugins broken from previous TinyMCE upgrade
  • LDAP and WebDAV work properly now
  • Date ranges are now supported from the Content Search Manager
  • Worked with partner to allow them to run with Azure MSSQL database though Azure is not an officially supported dotCMS stack component

Things to Know

  • Over 200 fixes have been made between 3.0 and 3.1
  • This is the last release that targets Java 7.  3.1 will NOT work in Java 8.
  • You can use the Autoupdater to update from 3.x to 3.1 but you cannot use it to update from any pre 3.0 release
  • Because of the ElasticSearch upgrade, it is recommended that you run a full index after you upgrade dotCMS
  • There is a new property in the files named. CMS_INDEX_PAGE.  This setting controls what page is returned when the client requests a folder. (i.e. URL ends with “/”)  Its default setting in this release is “index” without extension.  If you are upgrading from a previous version, you should either change this to be “index.html” or you will need to change the name of the default file in every folder on every host.
  • There is now a property named DEFAULT_PAGE_TO_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE which defaults to true. Because pages can now exist in many languages it is possible to hit a Page URI in a language that doesn’t exist. By default the dotCMS will return the page in the default language but render the content in the appropriate language. This mimics the functionality of pages and multilingual support in all dotCMS versions prior to 3.1.  If you set this to false then the dotCMS will return a 404 if the page doesn’t exist in the visitor’s language.
  • ESAPI Filter is now turned off by default.

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 3.0.1

Available: Dec 23, 2014


  • Fixed some typos in the backend
  • Updated some missing files in the WYSIWYG editor that was causing issues with both workflows and front end content submission
  • Addressed a leak from a possible closed connection while requesting a file
  • Updated the helloworld plugin for 3.0
  • Improved the logic when running a full reindex.  Helps with those who run a reindex that never finishes

Things to Know

  • 3.0 doesn't have support for the Autoupdater yet so users of 3.0 will have to manually update

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 2.5.7

Available: Dec 18, 2014



  • Number of fixes to the Integrity Checker and Push Publishing
  • Navtool cache fix prevents unnecessary DB queries
  • Reindex Process made more robust and fault tolerant.

Things to Note

  • If you have a plugin that configs TinyMCE, you will need to review the config to ensure that it is compatible with TinyMCE version 4.x
  • The security improvements noted above can be turned on or off (or set to https only) in the file.

Issue Tracker

dotCMS 3.0

Available: Nov 17, 2014

New Features


  • Both SASS and LESS files will compile server side as you upload the source files.
  • The SASS/LESS files are cached server side so they only have to compile the first time they are hit.

Autoscale Clustering

  • Attaching 2 different dotCMS installs to the same DB and Assets will cause the 2 installs to cluster with zero config.

Network Configuration Tab

  • Network and Clustering config can now be done from the Configuration Manager in the Backend UI.

License Management

  • The License Management Tab in the UI is redone and improved.
  • In the new Support Portal you can get a License Pack which allows you to Autoscale.
  • Your ServerID and License Info is fully manageable in the License Manager.

XML Sitemap

  • The XML Sitemap plugin is now included.

Ace Text Editor

  • The Ace Editor is now used for all code textareas.

Multiple Type Containers

  • Code can now be added to a container for every structure. This allows a container to display content from multiple structures.

Indexing Code Upgraded

  • The index libraries have all been upgraded providing much improved indexing performance.

Simplified WAR Deployment

  • Getting a WAR file can now be obtained from the normal dotCMS download.
  • A shell and batch script to produce a WAR is included in the bin directory.

Added JSONP to the REST API

Enhanced dotCMS Logging

  • Many areas of the system such as Push Publishing have had been improved with better logging to help diagnose issues.
  • A notification framework has been implemented complete with APIs to allow system wide communication and notifications.
  • The User Activity Logger is much improved and logs many more dotCMS user actions.

All Libraries Repackaged

  • Third Party Jars now have unique packaging to avoid conflicts with plugins and app servers.

H2 DB Added for Testing and POCs

  • The dotCMS distribution can now be run without any config with the internal H2 DB.
  • H2DB is not intended for production use.

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • Over 100 Push Publishing Fixes and Improvements.
  • TinyMCE has been upgraded and should work in all modern browsers.
  • Site Search Highlighting has been fixed and improved.
  • Continued XSS Security Improvements.
  • CMIS code updated so that the latest workbench will connect and work.

Things to Know

  • Over 700 Bugs and Fixes have been made between 2.5.6 and 3.0
  • If you are an Enterprise Client you will need to get a new license from the portal.
  • If you checkout from source you will need to deploy to get the libraries to pull from our Gradle/Maven Repository
  • If upgrading and you have plugins please note that the folder structure of dotCMS has changed and all libraries have been repackaged.
  • Many macros have been deprecated. For a list of all deprecated macros, please search the dotCMS documentation.
  • dotCMS now requires JDK 7
  • To see a full list of the issues worked on, please see the dotCMS 3.0 issues on GitHub

dotCMS 2.5.6

Available: Jul 19, 2014


  • Addressed issue with saving containers after upgrade to 2.5.5. This was the only thing addressed in 2.5.6

dotCMS 2.5.5

Available: Jul 15, 2014


  • Integrity Checker & Conflict Resolver - This is a new feature in the Publishing Environments tab (system/configuration/publishing environments) that allows users to check for and resolve conflicts that that may exist between servers. Prior to this there were some conflicts which Push Publishing was unable to handle
  • Improved the Job Scheduler’s ability to handle errors and delete jobs which no longer exist
  • To help developers build workflows, ActionID is now displayed for reference on the Workflow screen
  • Significant improvement to the logging of errors while Push Publishing to help with troubleshooting
  • Improved performance and stability of the Reindex process
  • Improved issues with the Tag Manager when working in other languages
  • Improved support for Unicode characters with File Assets


  • Fixed multiple bugs in the DB layer which caused breakdowns when saving especially during Push Publishing
  • Fixed issue when adding comments that would occasionally mess up the comments count
  • Fixed absolute URLs in vanity URLs when referencing a dotcms host
  • Fixed issue where limited user couldn’t create a page using layout templates
  • Fixed the help screen when logged in via HTTPS
  • Fixed issues with multi lingual content and Push Publishing where titles wouldn’t show
  • Fixed the reorder menu issue (impacted version 2.5.4 only)
  • Fixed ability to reassign workflow directly from the Edit Content Screen
  • Fixed Push Publishing issue when Pushing content that didn’t have a version in the default language
  • Fixed multiple issues when using the Site Search Highlighter on a cluster
  • Cleaned up duplicate references in the web.xml which prevented deploy on some app servers
  • Fixed issues related to the compare method in later versions of Java

Things to Note

  • The Navigation Cache would clear on startup but this doesn’t happen anymore
  • If you run the integrity checker your DB Config needs a user which can add/delete FKs on dotcms DB Tables


dotCMS 2.5.4

Available: Mar 7, 2014


  • Made forgotten password process more secure - now emails token for password reset.
  • Increased security algorithm for generation of passwords.
  • Fixed issue in Edit Mode which could resulting a 404 when clicking on a Menu Link.
  • By default you cannot redirect to an external referrer. To change this default behavior, set DISABLE_EXTERNAL_REFERERS=false in file of your configuration plugin.
  • Increased security for comments functionality.
  • Increased security to prevent header injection.
  • Improved XSS prevention algorithms.
  • Fixed live site caching issue when updating files.
  • Fixed CSV import when importing to a host.
  • Increased security of AjaxFileUploadServlet.
  • Improved security for system user.
  • Locked down multiple security issues.
  • Turned off autocompletion of password fields.


dotCMS 2.5.3

Available: Feb 14, 2014


  • Fixed multiple IE issues in the backend
  • Fixed multiple errors in the browser's console in the backend
  • Improved some system performance when running under load and during site search indexing
  • Fixed a few Push Publishing Issues
  • Fixed multiple issues for WebSphere 8
  • Fixed the Auto Login Checkbox
  • OSGi can now be disabled
  • Tags will now be imported properly when loading users from a CSV file


dotCMS 2.5.2

Available: Dec 20, 2013


  • Fixed concurrency issues with the dotcms cache under load
  • OSGi Examples all use Gradle now for building. This makes deploying and building plugins much easier
  • Fixed the issue where modifying files in a theme could cause the theme to disappear
  • Improved the Upgrade from dotcms 1.9 to 2.5.2+
  • Fixed over 20 Push Publishing Issues

Things to know

  • If you delete your osgi-extra file the system will try to generate a new one for you. It will do nothing if you leave it alone


dotCMS 2.5.1

Available: Oct 22, 2013


  • Workflows will now Push Publish when Pushing a Structure
  • When Content is Pushed the Workflow will be maintained meaning you will be in the same step on the Receiving server
  • When Pushing Structures the Field Variable name is now used for Fields which is important when the inodes are different but the Field Variable is the same


  • Fixed multiple issues when using the Push Publish Actionlet associated with Workflow
  • The User-Agent is now set properly in the header when using dotCMS functionality like Site-Search, Timemachine etc..
  • Fixed an issue when adding binary imagines to Events
  • Fixed Push Publishing a Page when it contains a Working version of Content but no Live version
  • Fixed multiple JS Script Errors on Content Search Manager
  • Fixed issues when retrying a failed Bundle
  • Improved dotcms logic on flushing the cache which will improve the performance of the system
  • Fixed an issue when binary fields weren't being copied over when creating a new language of an existing content
  • A number of stability and performance tweaks mostly surrounding Push Publishing

Things to know

  • There is a small DB change that will happen on Upgrade. We do not typically do this in a patch release but needed to on this one