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In addition to Publishing Content dotCMS offers the option to add content items to Bundles for later use.

Bundles allow you to add and group multiple types of content (the same content items you can individually Push)  for later use.  For instance, it is possible to create a Bundle with Users, Folders, and content assets, and after changing each of the bundled items you can remote Push the whole Bundle instead of having to push each of the individual content items separately.

The same objects that can be Remote Published can be added to Bundles: assets from the Content ManagerHost and FoldersDynamic pluginsUsers and Content Types.

To add pieces of content to the a Bundle simply right click a piece of content and select "Add to Bundle".

The  "Add to Bundle" light box opens:

Choose Bundle: Select a Bundle from the list to add the selected content to.

Note: To add a new Bundle, just enter a name for the new Bundle instead of selecting a Bundle from the list.

The existing Bundles can be viewed in the Publishing Queue window (Site Browser  Publishing Queue) under the Bundles tab:

This displays a list of all Bundles and their content, and provides options to perform the following actions:

  • Upload Bundles: Manually upload Bundles created on another dotCMS server (see Download, below).
  • Delete: Deletes the Bundle.
  • Download: Downloads the selected Bundle. This downloads a compressed tar file with the Bundle contents that can be used to manually upload the bundle on another dotCMS server. You must specify whether the download will be used to Remote Publish or Remote Un-Publish the content in the Bundle.
  • Push Publish: Displays the Push Publish light box so you can add the contents of the Bundle to the Publishing Queue.