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User Permissions Tab

Clicking on the Permissions tab while editing a User allows you to determine which dotCMS objects (Hosts, Folders, Containers, Templates, Pages, etc.), will be accessible to the user on a "global" or object-by-object basis.  The Permissions tab also determines how user permissions will be inherited by all child objects.

Globally Inherited User Permissions
User permissions can be set to be inherited "globally" by clicking on "All Hosts" and setting which objects will be accessible to the user on all websites.  In the example below, the user selected is a template/container creator for all hosts.  However, this user is not allowed to publish templates or containers for ANY host.  Considering this type of user, globally permissioning the user as illustrated below is the best way to implement permissions on "All Hosts".

Globally User Permission Inheritance

Assigning User Permission Inheritance on a Single Host/Folder

Clicking on the "Add Host/Folder" drop down select box allows webmasters to choose which Host(s) and/or subdirectories will be accessible to the user. 

User Permission Tab  Add Directory

After selecting a specific host and/or subdirectory, the following user *access levels can be set to be inherited by each type of dotCMS object:

User Permission on Specific Host and Directory

  • View - allows the user to view the host on the Site Browser Tab
  • Add Children - allows the users to add objects to a Host, Folder, Pages
  • Edit - allows user to edit/modify properties of the object but not affect "live" changes to the website.
  • Publish - allows the user to save changes to objects so that they appear on the live site.
  • Edit Permissions - allows the user to change the permissions settings for the object(s)
  • Vanity URLs (on hosts only) - allows the user to add shortened "Vanity URL's" for one or all hosts

*Important Note: Clicking the "Cascade Changes", checkbox before applying changes will force the user to be assigned to all existing dotCMS objects of the types selected for inheritance above.