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Adding a Page

Although new Pages in dotCMS are normally created from a Site Browser folder, a new Page can be created from any of the following areas:

  • Site Browser Folder: Right-click on a folder, click on new, and then click again on Page

  • Site Browser Detail Area:  Simply click on the "+Add New" button on the right hand side of the Site Browser detail

  • From a Page: Click on the "Create New Page" button while editing any Page in dotCMS

You will now have to fill out the items in the Basic Properties tab for your Page.  Fill out the "Title" field, the "Host or Folder" in which the Page will reside, click on the "Url" field and you will notice that a suggested URL appears which you can use or modify, set the "Cache TTL" (Cache Time to Live) which sets the refresh time limit for the page in seconds,  then choose a "Template" from the drop down menu as shown in the figure below.

A default Page Asset includes only the basic required fields needed to create a dotCMS Page.  Custom Page Types can be created with additional custom Page fields. Upon clicking "Save" or Save/Publish" the page will be displayed, but Content can't be added to the Page until the Page is locked for editing.  Click "Lock for Editing" to enter "Edit Mode" and add content to the Page.

In Edit Mode, content can now be added to the content Containers on the page.