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Publishing Queue

After content has been added to the Publishing queue, it can be viewed in the Publishing Queue window (Site Browser  Publishing Queue).  the Pending tab, displays a list of all scheduled publishing jobs.

To remove content from the queue before it gets added to the result bundle, select the content and click “Delete from Queue”

To delete all the content scheduled to publishing or expire at the same time, check the box next to the Publish Date or Expire Date and click “Delete from Queue”.

After a job has finished running a Bundle file will be created with all the content to be published.  The Bundle file can be found in: dotCMS/assets/bundles/<<bundleID>>

NOTE: If dotCMS encounters connection errors communicating with the End Point server or Remote Publishing the bundle, dotCMS will attempt to republish the bundle.  By default dotCMS will attempt to publish the Bundle 3 times, but the number of retry attempts can be changed by modifying the PUBLISHER_QUEUE_MAX_TRIES property in  the  file (located in the  dotCMS/WEB-INF/classes/ folder).


Attempts to republish the Bundle will only be made in case of failures to communicate with the EndPoint server.  dotCMS will not make attempts to retry publishing the Bundle if it encounters internal errors while creating the Bundles.