Form Builder documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Deprecated, see RESTFul Forms

Forms can be created quickly and easily, with no knowledge of HTML or Velocity, and placed on HTML pages in the same way that content is contributed to a page. A special Content Type called “Form” can be used to define Form Content Types whose content can be placed as Form content on any content container- on any HTML page.

Add Form on HTML Page

Advantages of Forms as Content

  • Setting up forms fields no longer requires any knowledge of HTML or Velocity
  • Forms can now be quickly placed/re-used as content and placed on any HTML page
  • Form submissions are now stored as content and can be extracted dynamically on any HTML page making it very easy to create custom form reports and permission the viewing of the form submissions.
  • Form code is not exposed to content contributors who have access to an HTML page where the form resides
  • Consistency in form field *styling through the use of the Dojo toolkit.

Completed Form

To get started creating forms see the Form Creation documentation

*Form field styling can be easily customized by passing a CSS file to a template through the use of a velocity variable. For more information see the Form Creation documentation

Legacy Forms (Not Recommended)