Workflow Sub-actions documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

A variety of Workflow Sub-Actions can be triggered when a Workflow Action is executed. When the Workflow Action is executed by a user, all of the Sub-Actions assigned to that Action are triggered, in the order the Sub-Actions are listed in the Action configuration.

Built-In Workflow Sub-Actions

dotCMS includes all of the following built-in Sub-Actions. You may select any number of these Sub-Actions, and execute them in whatever order you wish, for each Workflow Action.

The Workflow Sub-Actions Pull-Down


  • Many Sub-Actions have additional parameters.
    • Depending on the Sub-Action, some or all of these parameters may be required for the Sub-Action to function properly.
    • In the list below, all parameters listed are required, unless they are explicitly marked as (Optional).
  • Permissions are always checked for all Sub-Actions.
    • The permissions of the user executing the Workflow Action are always checked, for all Sub-Actions that are part of the Action.
    • This means that, regardless of which users are able to execute the Action (via the Action properties), the user's permission on the content item will still always be checked and enforced for each Sub-Action.
'Four Eyes' ApprovalUser IDs or Emails,
Email Subject (Optional),
Email Message (Optional)
Requires that the specified number of users from among the list of specified users take the Workflow action before the following sub-actions are performed (and before the content is moved into the “Next Step” specified in the Workflow Action).
Archive contentNoneArchives the content item.
Comment on WorkflowWorkflow Comment (Optional)Adds a comment to the content item workflow.
If no Workflow Comment parameter is specified, the user will be prompted to enter a comment.
Copy ContentNoneCreates a copy of the content item. The copy will have the same value for all fields as the original, except the Identifier and Inode.
Delete contentNoneDeletes the content item.
Link CheckerList of fields to checkUses the Link Checker to check the specified fields for links, and verify that any links found are valid.
Lock contentNoneLocks the content item.
Notify AssigneeEmail Subject (Optional),
Email Message (Optional),
Is Html (Optional)
Notifies all assigned users that the Workflow Action was taken.
If the assignee is a single user, that user will be notified; if the assignee is a Role, all users assigned that Role will be notified simultaneously.
Any parameters which are not specified will be filled in with automatically assigned default values.
Notify UsersUsers, Emails and Roles,
Email Subject (Optional),
Email Message (Optional),
Is Html? (Optional)
Notifies the specified users
Publish contentNoneChanges the state of the content item to Published.
Push NowNonePush publishes the content item to the default Push Publishing Environment.
Push PublishNoneDisplays the Push publishing pop-up to the user who initiated the workflow action, allowing them to select both the push method and the Push Publishing Environment to push to.
Require Multiple ApproversUser IDs or Emails,
Email Subject (Optional),
Email Message (Optional)
Requires that all of the specified users take the Workflow action before the following sub-actions are performed (and before the content is moved into the “Next Step” specified in the Workflow Action).
Reset WorkflowNoneResets the content item back to the initial Workflow step.
SaveNoneSaves changes to the content and creates a new version of the content.
Save as DraftNoneSaves changes to the content, and attempts to do so without creating a new version of the content.
  • If the user taking the action is the same as user that last modified the content, no new version is created.
  • If the user taking the action is not the same as the user that last modified the content, a new version is still created.
Send an EmailFrom Email,
From Name,
To Email,
To Name,
Cc Email (Optional),
Bcc Email (Optional),
Email Subject,
Email Body,
Condition (Optional),
Attachments (Optional)
Sends an email with specified content to a specified list of users.
Note: Unlike the Notify Assignee sub-action, if any of this sub-action's parameters are not filled in they will be left blank in the email sent (they will not be filled in with default values).
Set ValuevelocityVar Name,
Value to set
Sets the value of the specified Velocity variable to the specified value.
Translate ContentTranslate to,
Translate Field Types,
Ignore Fields (Optional),
Service API Key
Automatically translates all specified fields types of the content item to the specified languages using Google Translate.
Unarchive contentNoneUnarchives the content item (changing it from the Archived state to the Unpublished state).
Unlock contentNoneUnlocks the content item.
Unpublish contentNoneUpublishes the content item (changing the content object from the Published state to the Unpublished state).

Custom Sub-Actions

You may create your own custom Sub-Actions by using an OSGI plugin to create a custom Workflow actionlet.

As an alternative (or in addition to) an OSGI plugin, you may also implement various kinds of functionality using Velocity code via the Custom Code property on the Workflow Action. For more information on the Custom Code property, please see the Managing Custom Workflow Schemes documentation.