Content Management System - dotCMS Open Source Java CMS

dotCMS is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), built on leading Java technology and open standards (SaaS, PaaS and On-premises CMS).


Perfect for the agile organization. Add business value fast and build with your favorite industry-standard tools, technologies and frameworks


Ultra flexible to meet your IT and digital business requirements today, and scales with your growing digital strategy in the future


Manage and maintain all your company’s brands, sites, apps, and content driven digital experiences in a single easy-to-use system

What Can You Build with dotCMS?

Mobile & Responsive

dotCMS is the perfect platform for building your multichannel mobile strategy. Easily share and reuse content across devices, channels and platforms. Go responsive, native or hybrid. You choose.

Digital Experience Management

Targeted Content, Rules, Personas, Personalization, Actions and Workflows all add up to creating dynamic user experiences that get business results. dotCMS is your digital experience platform.

Content Hub (CaaS)

Use dotCMS at the center of content delivery. Consume and deliver content of all types to and from any 3rd party system; web, mobile, CRM, even IoT. RESTful APIs fully support Content as a Service.

Multi-Site Multi-Channel WebOps

Create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of websites, apps, multi-channel user experiences in a single system. Tackle the challenges of multisite WebOps with speed and efficiency.

Intranet & Extranet

Power public facing websites, intranet and extranet sites with the same software. Eliminate retraining, reduce complexity, optimize DevOps for maximum value and return on your tech investment.

Global Publishing Environments

Set up authoring and publishing environments across geographic regions for a global distributed publishing network. Multi-language, independent workflows, localized content and control.

Global communications infrastructure and media services company exceeds expectations with dotCMS in today’s “always available always on” world. READ MORE +
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