Hybrid CMS

Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

Our Hybrid CMS helps organizations manage, integrate, and deliver digital content across all channels, devices, and platforms. Letting you maximize ROI and stay ahead of the competition.



What is a Hybrid CMS

With a Hybrid CMS, you get the freedom to create what you need —  whether it’s the speed and security of a static site, or the ability to deliver personalized content via a full suite of REST APIs to help future-proof your brand —  our Hybrid CMS gives you the power to build what you need, when you need it.


A Head-optional, API-first CMS

Our Content as Infrastructure approach let's you take your headless CMS to the next level, with APIs that let you access not only content, but templates, modules, pages, and even workflows both quickly and at scale.

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Headless CMS - API Based CMS

Multi-tenant and Channel Management

Manage hundreds or even thousands of sites and channels from one centralized system. Easily copy and launch sites and channels, while sharing content across your ecosystem to reduce redundancy and inconsistencies, creating a better customer experience.

Easly copy and manage unlimited channels and sites

Push Publishing Between Environments

Easily publish sites, content, and code between authoring and production environments as well as publish assets, files, or even entire sites to CDNs for high performance. Push publishing makes it simple to schedule pushes, updates, and invalidate content, all from an intuitive UI. Plus, it helps you keep your distributed servers in sync across geographical regions, helping you to expand and grow.

Push Publish and Static Publishing

Personalization Through Data and Analytics

When you connect your external data with dotCMS’s powerful Rules Engine, you spend less time managing your channels and more time building hyper-personalized experiences that are engaging and memorable.

Rules Engine and personalization

Workflows that work for you

dotCMS Workflows make it simple for your team to collaborate on content, streamline approval processes, and ensure accountability with easy checklist capabilities. With dotCMS you can quickly build multi-step workflows with features like four-eye approval, AI translations, and third-party integrations — because we believe workflows should work for you, not against you.

Customizable workflows