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Product Updates - Fall '20

Oct 07, 11:00 AM EDT

dotCMS's Chief Technology Officer, Will Ezell, will share with you what his team has been working on for upcoming releases of dotCMS.

Upcoming Events


Content Architect Training
3 Part Workshop

October 13, 2020

This course teaches the creation of items that any Content Architect needs in their arsenal as well as the use of other advanced features such as the event calendar and form handler in dotCMS.


Workflow Management with dotCMS

October 20, 2020

In this foundational learn-from-home training, we will take you through the foundational elements of workflow management in dotCMS. This enterprise NoCode capability allows you to set-up complex, multi-step workflows and tailor them to your specific needs, while maintaining marketing agility.


Permissions and Roles in dotCMS

October 27, 2020

In this learn-from-home training, we will take you through the foundational elements of permissions and roles in dotCMS. 


Push Publishing in dotCMS

November 03, 2020

In this foundational learn-from-home training, we will show you how to set up, configure and troubleshoot push publishing in your dotCMS environment.

Hybrid CMS On-demand Webinars

Content & Commerce: Data-Driven Customer Experiences Through Microservices

In this webinar, we’ll address key considerations when rethinking and evaluating experience orchestration for retailers.

Customer Experience Architecture: Designing for the Customer

Too many websites and apps are designed from an organization-centric point of view, using language and structures that just confuse the customer.

Why Containerization Makes Sense for Your CMS

Top brands have been making the move to containers to take advantage of the improved speed, increased scalability, hardened security, reduced capital expenditures, and more.

Task Performance Indicator: Measuring Customer Experience

By evaluating 'success rate' and 'time-in-task', you can build the foundation for a solid, reliable management model or "Task Performance Indicator," that offers insight into what is most important to your customers.

Improving Customer Experience: Top Task Identification

The Top Tasks Identification methodology helps you clearly identify the top tasks of your customers and the tiny tasks too.

#NoCode Is The New DxP

Get an overview how modern Digital Experience Platforms (DxP), like dotCMS, enable business users to take control of their customer experiences and drive customer loyalty, retention, and maximize revenue.

Transform your Digital Experience: A Guide to Taming the Content Beast

Explore how marketings and IT teams are improving the way that they build and store content for audiences across many different devices, from web to mobile app to IoT to social.

Static Publishing with Amazon's S3 and dotCMS

The ability to statically publish files, content, and sites to Amazon’s S3 reveals a world of possibilities for dotCMS customers who can immediately take advantage of this capability.

Content as a Service - Set Your Content Free

Content-as-a-Service, or CaaS, brings content to the forefront of your digital experience, giving you the flexibility to create engaging personalized customer experiences, regardless of the device.