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Product Updates - Fall '20

Oct 07, 11:00 AM EDT

dotCMS's Chief Technology Officer, Will Ezell, will share with you what his team has been working on for upcoming releases of dotCMS.

Upcoming Events


Content Architect Training
3 Part Workshop

October 13, 2020

This course teaches the creation of items that any Content Architect needs in their arsenal as well as the use of other advanced features such as the event calendar and form handler in dotCMS.


Workflow Management with dotCMS

October 20, 2020

In this foundational learn-from-home training, we will take you through the foundational elements of workflow management in dotCMS. This enterprise NoCode capability allows you to set-up complex, multi-step workflows and tailor them to your specific needs, while maintaining marketing agility.


Permissions and Roles in dotCMS

October 27, 2020

In this learn-from-home training, we will take you through the foundational elements of permissions and roles in dotCMS. 


Push Publishing in dotCMS

November 03, 2020

In this foundational learn-from-home training, we will show you how to set up, configure and troubleshoot push publishing in your dotCMS environment.

Hybrid CMS On-demand Webinars

The New Standard for an API-first, Headless CMS

Join Ars Logica and dotCMS to get insight into the pros and cons of a traditional, headless, and hybrid CMS deployment models.

What's New in dotCMS 5.1

Join our webinar to learn what's new in our upcoming release, dotCMS 5.1

Digital Accessibility Beyond Pure Compliance

Learn how new technologies and smart UI design can improve digital experiences for everyone.

Building and Managing Single Page Apps in dotCMS

Join our webinar to learn about how to build and manage single page applications (SPA) in dotCMS.

Bootcamp 2018

dotCMS training and thought leadership conference, hands-on workshops, introduction to the latest tools, techniques, and best practices for building dynamic web experiences in dotCMS Content Management System.

Authenticated Applications & Secure Sign-on Through SAML

dotCMS & Ethode discuss the importance of security in authenticated business applications as well as demo the new SAML plugin for dotCMS.

dotCMS 5.0 Review: Ethode Gives an Inside Look at the Newest Release

dotCMS premium partner, Ethode, reviews dotCMS 5.0 to give an insider’s look at the latest version release.

What to Expect in dotCMS 5.0

Get a sneak peek of the new features and capabilities of dotCMS 5.0

Hands-on Training with dotCMS & Docker

This technical training is aimed at organizations who are evaluating CMS solutions as well as who want to containerize their solution as part of distribution and orchestration model for online applications.

Into Thin Air: Customer Experience Orchestration for the Airline Industry

In this webinar dotCMS and partner DEPT will focus on the journey for passengers only and talk to the opportunities for airlines to improve customer experience (orchestration).