What's Coming in 2.3


What's Coming in 2.3 Posted: 05.01.2013

After releasing dotCMS 2.2 in October, we will soon be releasing dotCMS 2.3 the first week of May of 2013. There are a lot of new features, improvements and fixes in this upcoming release, here is a sneak peek of some of them:

Remote Publishing - Beta

Remote Publishing allows users to remotely publish content, folders, pages, files, structures and hosts to predefined end-point servers. Asset dependencies are published as well, for instance if a folder is published, all files, pages and assets associated with the folder will be published too.

[ Remote Publishing Server Configuration ]
[ Remote Publishing Queue ]

Template Designer and Themes

The Template Designer can be used to create dotCMS templates without any knowledge of HTML code.
The Template Designer uses Themes, which are a collection of CSS files, images, and velocity files.
You can use an existing theme, create your own theme, or download a third party theme to create a new design template.

[ Theme Folder Structure ]
[ Template Designer ]

External Link Checker

The new Link Checker workflow action automatically checks links in WYSIWYG content before saving it, to avoid external link errors. Also there is a new portlet called Broken Links that can run an external link check on all content structures and creates a report of all broken links. This process can be scheduled using a cron expression, which then sends an email with the errors found to the content editors.

[ Check External Links ]
[ Broken Links Report ]

Time Machine

Time Machine allows a user to browse older static snapshots of how a site has looked historically. It also allows a user to take a snapshot, or static copy, of selected hosts and save it as a "bundle" in dotCMS. This bundle can then be used to run a static copy of your sites on a non-dotCMS web server. Multiple snapshots can be taken for any dotCMS managed host.

[ Time Machine Browser ]

New Navigation Tool

Create custom navigations with your own HTML and styles. This tool will build a navigation given a path and return a list of items.  Here's how to call the Navigation Tool to obtain a list of items under a given path:

#set( $list = $navtool.getNav("/") )

Multilingual URLMap Content

Multilingual content will be able to have its own translated urlmaps such as:


Default Widget to Default Language

You can now set the variable: DEFAULT_WIDGET_TO_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE to true. This will allow to create a widget only in the default language which will display on all languages defined on your site.

Wiki Tool

This viewtool provides a series of methods that will allow you to display your content as wiki pages. You can choose among 5 different markups: MediaWiki, Confluence, Textile, TracWiki, and TWiki. You can find more information on how to build a Wiki in dotCMS on our documentation site.

"How To" Documentation

We also added a new section "How To - Tutorials" to our documentation. This section features "how-to" tutorials and examples designed to instruct users on how to take advantage of Web2.0 concepts while building a dotCMS managed website.

Salesforce Plugin

This plugin can set connections to a Salesforce Server, retrieve role keys stored on a field and sync the roles for the logged-in user. This is done using OAuth 2.0 User-Password flow as an authorization method. This plugin will be included under plugins/com.dotcms.salesforce.plugin.