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11 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Jason Smith | 04.26.2018

What is cloud computing, and what benefits does the cloud bring to brands who are entering into the IoT era?

AI-enabled Personalization: How to Get Started

Alexandra Barcelona | 04.19.2018

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s helping brands refine customer experiences by delivering even more personalized content and product recommendations. Here’s how to get sta...

What Is Hyper-Personalization?

Alexandra Barcelona | 04.16.2018

Hyper-personalization aims to go a step further than traditional personalization by relying on even more data to produce an even more tailored customer experience.

How Microservices Aid Agile Development, Deployment, and Scaling

Jason Smith | 04.12.2018

What are microservices, and how do they impact agile development, deployment and scalability? (monolith lovers, look away now!)

What Is Voice Shopping, And How Does It Work?

Alexandra Barcelona | 04.09.2018

What is voice shopping, and how is it changing the eCommerce landscape?

What is B2E (Business-to-Employee), And Why it is Important?

Jason Smith | 04.03.2018

The significance of the employee experience cannot be understated. You may have a digital workplace, but is your overarching B2E strategy really a priority?

GDPR Compliance: Do You Trust Your Partners to Manage Your Data?

Alexandra Barcelona | 03.28.2018

GDPR deadline just weeks away, have you ensured that your data processors — from your SaaS vendor to your external customer support agency — are ready? Because if they aren’t, you ...

Website Accessibility: So Much More Than A Legal Obligation

Jason Smith | 03.27.2018

Your organization may or may not be legally obligated to provide accessible digital experiences — but in any case, an inaccessible website means that you’re alienating a large (and...

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