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What's Coming in 2.3

After releasing dotCMS 2.2 in October, we will be releasing dotCMS 2.3 the first week of May of 2013. There are a lot of new features, improvements and fixes in this upcoming release. Here is a sneak peek of a few of them.
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Accessing Spring Beans from an OSGI Plugin

dotCMS has a built-in OSGI plugin that allows a developer to use the standard Spring Web MVC framework. This post shows how to also create and access Spring Beans from other classes, such as a Controller.
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Creating a Keyword Faceted Search in dotCMS 2.1

This blog will show you a step by step guide to create a keyword faceted search in dotCMS 2.1.
Learn how to create a new “keywords” tag field on your content types, use the tags as meta keywords on your templates and use ElasticSearch to create a keyword faceted search.
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Implementing multilingual sites using Dotcms

After a couple of large scale multilingual implementations in of Dotcms we thought we should share some of the lessons learned and recommend some best practices. Over the years we have implemented many "bilingual" sites, however in the process of implementing an extensive and diverse multi-lingual site we had to find solutions to a number of challenges.
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Sneak Peek of dotCMS 2.1

After releasing dotCMS 2.0 in May we’re set to release dotCMS 2.1 by the end of July. Here is a sneak peak of the features that will be released soon, hope you enjoy using them as much as our R&D team did building them!
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Using dotCMS as a Document Management System (DMS)

In this blog post we will discuss how to implement a Document Management System using dotCMS and utilize Files as Content.
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