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Developing a Forum in dotCMS

The forum plugin was developed as a way to easily deploy the common functionalities of a forum on your dotCMS website. It offers a solution where discussions can take place, with forum members able to contribute and subscribe to topics and threads. Although a plugin needs to be deployed to take advantage of all of the features, the forum is based mainly on velocity code, structures and existing macros.
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dotCMS' content Import Tool: Or how to save time on bulk content imports and edits.

Anyone can be a content editor in the dotCMS. No need to know any HTML or CSS, just fill in the blanks and select "Save and Publish" and you're set. This is not only true for the popular form-like "Add/Edit Content" page, but this concept also extends to one of the lesser known out-of-the-box tools of the dotCMS: the CSV import tool.
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