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Smoothing Out the Rocky Road to Personalization - Part 3: Personalization in dotCMS 09.13.2017 | John Michael Thomas

The third and final post of our three-part series demonstrates how dotCMS personalization features implement some of the most challenging personalization features and provide a very fast way to begin implementing personalization on your site, along with a straight-forward, incremental path to implement some of the most sophisticated personalization features.
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Getting Ready for dotCMS 3.5 03.30.2016 | John Scudder

Let's take a moment and consider the implications of the dotCMS 3.5 release. We have a few ideas to help you get ready for the upgrade in advance, and to help you get the most out of the powerful new features.
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dotCMS Rules, Targeted Content and Personalization 02.24.2016 | Will Ezell

Introducing dotCMS 3.5 - now with Rules, Targeted content and personalization, keys to improving user engagement and customer experiences across marketing channels. Now available for download.
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