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Navigating OSGi - Extending Your Software to Embed an OSGi Framework 12.12.2017 | Jason Tesser

You have your software in place, but you need a better way of allowing your technical users to extend the platform. Most Java developers are aware of OSGi, but embedding an OSGi framework into your product seems like a huge undertaking. Further clouding the the path is the uncertainty of exactly how OSGi works. For many Java developers OSGi feels more like trying to navigate the open sea rather than something they would want to play with.
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Accessing Spring Beans from an OSGI Plugin 02.23.2013 | Maria Bouza

dotCMS has a built-in OSGI plugin that allows a developer to use the standard Spring Web MVC framework. This post shows how to also create and access Spring Beans from other classes, such as a Controller.
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