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3 Ways IoT Devices Can Streamline Your Customer Experience

Jason Smith | 03.07.2018

Your customer experience may be personalized and well orchestrated across multiple channels — but with speed meaning more to the average consumer than ever before, is your customer...

How IoT Devices Can Unlock The Voice of The Customer

Robert Slaughter | 03.02.2018

Relying on surveys and interviews to collect voice of the customer data isn’t going to cut it anymore. IoT devices hold the key, and here’s why.

Wearable Payment Devices: How IoT Payment Gateways Are Changing eCommerce

Jason Smith | 02.28.2018

Wearable Payment Devices and IoT Payment Gateways are about to change eCommerce and bricks-and-mortar shopping forever. But the question is, how?

Omnichannel Doesn't Mean You Have To Be On Every Channel

Alexandra Barcelona | 02.23.2018

Delivering an omnichannel customer experience is now considered obligatory, but does omnichannel mean you should be on every channel?

Lessons Learned From Building An Alexa Skill For Students

Jason Smith | 02.21.2018

Gettysburg College build a set of skills for their students, and this is what they learned.

Voice of the Customer: 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Robert Slaughter | 02.16.2018

Voice of the customer programs are easy, and your customers love the customer experience you give them. Well, at least, you think they do. Here’s why VOC programs are important, an...

You're Living In a Customer Experience Bubble (Here's How To Burst It)

Robert Slaughter | 02.13.2018

Customer experience is far too important to be exclusively owned by the marketing department. Here’s how to burst your CX bubble and take part in the ultimate team sport — customer...

4 Industries Amazon Alexa Will Disrupt

Jason Smith | 02.07.2018

Think Alexa is just a fad? Think again. Industries like higher education and healthcare are set for an Alexa-centric transformation.

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