Build the Way You Want To

Enjoy an open, unrestrictive platform that empowers developers with industry standard technologies - JSON, RESTful APIs, XML, Java, Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery etc. No retraining. No proprietary dev environments. Developers build with the tools, technologies and frameworks they love, boosting productivity, reducing time to market, reducing project complexity and support, usually by 50% or more. Developers empower digital business users with independence and control by giving them the ability to launch, manage and maintain content driven sites, apps and digital experiences independently, without creating support headaches and rework.

APIs, Widgets, Spring & JSON

Industry standard and open technologies, RESTful APIs, remote widgets, plugin architecture, Spring MVC, XML, JSON, Java, Javascript, OSGI, and CMIS, make dotCMS fast and familiar to use and easier integrate with third-party systems.


Micro-sites, mega-sites, mobile apps, multi-channel; dotCMS’ robust multi-site capabilities can host thousands of sites in one system. Build your own SaaS CMS solution with granular, site based permissions.

Responsive by Design

Unrivaled support for responsive design and CSS frameworks - 13 and counting! dotCMS makes it easy to deliver engaging customer experiences across all devices.

100% Java

Sophisticated and extensible Java architecture plus a totally open, non-proprietary development environment enables agile development teams to add business value quickly, lower time-to-market, increase productivity and reduce support.

Cloud and SaaS Ready

From single server setups to advanced, high availability multi-node installations, dotCMS works the same no matter where you deploy it: on premise, on the cloud, hybrid or totally SaaS. Whatever you choose, dotCMS can meet your technical and business requirements.

Highly Scalable

Designed from the ground up for horizontal scalability, dotCMS includes a configurable, multi-level caching infrastructure that maintains state across nodes in a cluster.