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Deploy Custom Starter Site

When downloaded, dotCMS comes with a default "pre-built" starter site that is stored in a file in the webroot directory.  When dotCMS starts, it checks to see if a working site has already been set up, otherwise it begins to construct a new site from the file. However, a dotCMS plugin can provide a new custom zip file so that custom starter sites/accelerators, can be quickly re-deployed on a new dotCMS instance with a specific set of customized pre-built features, templates, widgets, etc.

To configure a new dotCMS instance to point to a custom starter site, create a configuration plugin to overwrite the file found in the /src-conf directory and uncomment/set the STARTER_DATA_LOAD property to a relative path from the web root (dotCMS directory) as in the example below. Ex:


Since you need to write a plugin to overwrite the file, a best practice recommendation would be to keep the custom zip file and the configuration overwrite in the same plugin.

With the property set in the file and the custom zip file placed in the corresponding relative path, when the new dotCMS instance is started (with a clean database and cache), then the dotCMS startup process will create a new dotCMS instance from the custom starter.