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Converting Legacy HTML Pages to Content

In the current version of dotCMS, Pages are another form of Content.  In dotCMS versions prior to version 3.1 pages were separate from content; these previous pages are now referred to as Legacy HTML Pages.  When upgrading from an older version of dotCMS, Legacy HTML Pages should be converted to Page Content.  Legacy HTML Pages can be converted in bulk using the HTML Pages to Content Utility OR they can be converted individually by editing the Legacy HTML Page.

Limitations of Legacy HTML Pages

No new Legacy HMTL Pages can be created.  Although content on Legacy HTML Pages can be added/edited, the Page Properties, Page Statistics, and Edit Template options are disabled on Legacy HTML Pages until they are converted to Page Content.

Converting a Legacy HTML Page to Page Content

Click on the Edit tab while editing a Legacy HTML Page, then click on the "Migrate to Content" option (see image below - only available on Legacy HTML Pages), to convert the page to Page Content.  The Page will be converted to a "Page Asset" Content Type and can be viewed from the Site Browser, or the Content Tab.