Open Source CMS for Sales and Marketing Teams looking for to close the loop between marketing and revenue

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dotCMS lets you create engaging and personalized experiences across all channels - Putting the power in your hands.

Marketing and Digital Experience Platform

Build Amazing Websites and Apps with dotCMS

You have ideas, plans and a clear vision for bringing your brand to life. You know the journey, the interaction, the customer experience you want to create. That’s why when it comes to content management and creating digital experiences, top marketers are bringing systems and content together to drive efficiency and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.

Personalized User Experience

Deliver targeted and personalized content across all channels to increase conversion and leads.

Closed Loop Marketing

Simple integration with CRM and automated marketing systems allows you to close the loop between marketing, sales, and revenue.

Rules Engine

Create rules and trigger actions to automate and deliver targeted content to guide users through their customer journey.

Editorial Workflows

Editorial process and publishing control that adapts to your organization’s work-style, not the other way around.

Brand Control

Uniquely brand all your business entities while at the same time sharing functionality, code, and content across all your sites and apps.

Inbound Marketing

Create fully customized and automated inbound marketing processes with lead nurturing and CRM integration.


Deliver engaging, personalized content across all your channels based on behaviors, tags, personas, and rules.

Targeted Content and Personalization

Closed Loop Marketing

Customers no longer move along a linear journey from initial interest all the way to making a purchase. The customer journey is different for every user which is why dotCMS is your solution when it comes to creating a closed loop marketing process.



Track content consumption, tags, personas, and patterns across channels to learn which content works best for which visitor. Then create rules to push content to the right person at the right time, helping them move through the customer journey faster.



By combining the sophisticated tracking and tagging in dotCMS with your automated marketing system you can create tailored campaigns that keep your brand front of mind, while users travel through their customer journey.

Closed Loop Marketing


With plugins to easy integrate with leading automated marketing systems and CRMs, you can easy sync visitor information between systems providing a 360 degree view of your marketing efforts and ad spend, increasing conversions and improving ROI.



Pulling it all together. Empower sales teams with the who, when, and where. This allows them to see the complete customer journey all before making the first phone call.

Rules Engine

With dozens of prebuilt conditions and actions, you can quickly build powerful cross channel experiences. Show the customer you know them, while helping them move through their customer journey.