dotCMS For IT & DevOps

Flexible and Scalable Open Source Content Management System for IT and DevOps

DevOps Empowered

dotCMS Makes it Possible

Content Management & Digital Experience Platform that can Flex with Your IT and Digital Strategy

Flexible Deployment

On premises, cloud, hybrid or SaaS, dotCMS works the same way no matter what you choose

Ultra Scalable

Designed for horizontal scalability, from single server to multi-node, multi-cluster, multi-region architectures

Low/No Maintenance

Familiar non proprietary technology makes dotCMS fast and easy to manage. Or go SaaS & eliminate maintenance altogether

Proven Performance

Battle tested Java open source, reliability, security and performance, trusted by 1000’s of companies

Ready for DevOps & Digital Transformation

With dotCMS you’re never locked into an operating model

On premises, cloud, hybrid cloud or SaaS, whatever you choose, dotCMS works the same way no matter where you deploy it and it’s ready to scale and adapt to the most demanding digital business and technical environments.

In fact, IT sys admins and technology planners are delighted when they find out how much flexibility dotCMS brings to their entire digital ecosystem including reduced management and maintenance headaches, proven performance and security based on familiar Java open source technology. Meet budget (TCO) and tech requirements today, be assured that dotCMS can easily flex as your enterprise grows.

Large, Small, Simple or Advanced,
dotCMS is Designed to Scale

Experience the power of dotCMS Push Publishing - get fully decoupled authoring and publishing environments that provide enormous flexibility. Publish across geographic regions, data centers, channels, devices and/or sites. Large, small, simple or advanced, easily scale the dotCMS platform to meet your unique requirements.

With dotCMS your're empowered to choose. Start with a maintenance free, single server, annual subscription of dotCMS Enterprise Cloud (SaaS), set up your own multi-cluster, high performance, high availability ecommerce site. Even more, deploy advanced multi-region, multi-node, fully decoupled authoring and publishing environments that give you maximum control in development and publishing life cycles. Whatever you choose, dotCMS gives you the power to manage your CMS and digital experience platform and the ability to control the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) associated with your growing digital business enterprise.

Available in the free open source dotCMS Community edition and in commercial open source editions; dotCMS Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Pro and Enterprise Prime, plus our new SaaS offering - dotCMS Enterprise Cloud. You choose the option that best fits your organization's technical and budgetary needs.

What Makes dotCMS Hum?

Learn more about the powerful technology, practical design and proven performance that makes dotCMS a favorite with IT departments large and small. It’s not rocket science, just great technology.


Get a 10,000 foot view of an enterprise deployment with dotCMS Enterprise


Technical requirements and overview of dotCMS open source technolgies

Config Examples

Take a look at some of the options for setting up your CMS and DX platform


See how dotCMS performs under pressure in benchmark testing with CTO, Will Ezell

“dotCMS offers the most scalable and viable option… It blows the doors off of other systems in regards to its flexibility and scaling.”

System Architect — Agency of Record for Financial Institution

integration and added complexity report

Too Many Systems...
Too Few Results

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