Why dotCMS?

We asked our customers here is what they said.

“dotCMS allows us to present our content into other devices beyond the web browser or smart phone . . . new devices are consuming content like Amazon’s Echo or IBM’s Watson, and dotCMS allows us to do this today.”
Rod Tosten
VP of Information Technology
Gettysburg College
“It has all the best of breed open source technologies such as Java, Elasticsearch, OSGI and more . . . allowing us to easily customize the system to meet our unique business needs.”
Pritam Mohanty
Senior Software Engineer
“its multi-site capabilities allowed us to share common elements across all of our properties. . . dotCMS made everything simpler”
Benjamin Michoux
Front-end Developer
Royal Bank of Canada

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dotCMS Key Features

dotCMS gives you the power and flexibility you want in a CMS with industry-leading features and functionality you need to stay ahead.
Don't over spend on Adobe AEM!


Don't let your technology be a stumbling block for achieving your vision.

  • SEO tools for better SERP ranking
  • Simple UI to easily manage content & pages
  • Manage all your digital channels in one place
  • Full customizable Workflows
  • Personalization Engine and Rules
  • Out-of-box integration with Marketing Automation systems and CRMs
  • Digital asset management and AI auto tagging


Sophisticated and extensible open architecture with RESTful APIs, Elasticsearch, plugins and more.

  • Comprehensive APIs
  • Easy workflows, actions, and push publishing
  • Dynamic plugins for customizations, extending capabilities, and integrations
  • Content-as-a-Service/Headless CMS create & retrieve content via APIs
  • Elasticsearch built in
  • Scalable cache for extreme performance
  • Cloud and on-premise solutions that fit your needs and budget

Want to learn more?
Join us for one of our weekly webinars.