dotCMS For Developers

Easily extend dotCMS and integrate with other systems with our OSGI plugin framework, APIs and Elasticsearch

Empowered Developers Deliver Results

Open source Java CMS and digital experience platform

dotCMS Makes it Possible

Build the Way You Want, With the Tools You Prefer

DotCMS has been built using the category-leading technologies that shape modern enterprise and java development. Our guiding philosophy is that building content driven web sites, portals, intranets and mobile apps in a CMS should not be a difficult process.

Comprehensive APIs

Sophisticated and extensible open architecture with RESTful APIs, remote widgets, plugins, Spring MVC, XML, JSON, Java, OSGI, CMIS and more.

Content Hub (CaaS)

Create central repositories of code, content, widgets. Reduce effort and share content and code across any number of sites, apps, channels and endpoints.

Framework Friendly

Build using your choice of today’s popular tools and frameworks for web, mobile, apps, social, e.g., AngularJS, Bootstrap, Titanium, React etc.

Push Publishing

Gain complete control over your code and content across the entire Development > Testing > Publishing life cycle with dotCMS remote publishing options.

Workflows & Actions

Workflows and Actions allow you to automate just about anything in the system, from publishing content, scheduling publication, email notifications, to pushing content to external systems.

Dynamic Plugins

Plugin architecture supports Spring and OSGi for customizations, extending capabilities and powerful integrations with third party, legacy, even IoT systems.

Rule Builder

Easily create rules and trigger actions based on conditions to automate and deliver targeted content and personalization, supports customer journey mapping.

Elastic Search

Built in full text search using ES, fully configurable by site or system wide, back end query tools including no-code tools for indexing, tuning and optimization.

Scalable Cache

Advanced, fully configurable, multi-region caching schemes with external cache options (Redis), great for high availability and low latency situations.

Intranet, Extranet, Portal

Use the same software to power public facing websites and all your intranet and extranet projects for maximum value, efficiency and ROI in DevOps.

I was able to build our proof of concept by myself. DotCMS made it easy... the other company had to send a Java developer on site for three days just to get the POC done with their system. Needless to say... dotCMS won the selection.

DJ — Lead Developer

Ready for the Agile Organization

Open, familiar, non-proprietary platform that speeds development

Enjoy an open, unrestrictive platform that empowers developers with industry standard technologies (JSON, REST, XML, JavaScript, Java, Bootstrap, JQuery, etc). No retraining. No proprietary Dev environments. Developers build with the tools, technologies and frameworks they love, improving productivity, reducing time to market, reducing project complexity and support, usually by 50% or more.

Developers empower digital business users with independence and control by giving them the ability to launch, manage and maintain content driven sites, apps and digital experiences independently, without creating support headaches and rework.

With dotCMS you avoid overly complex, unusable and unproductive layers, configurations and abstractions that slow teams down. We’ve insisted that dotCMS is simple to use and understand, it’s open and powerfully extendable and, ultimately, dotCMS empowers developers at any level, with the freedom to innovate.