Consulting for Developing on the dotCMS WCM Platform

dotCMS consulting and professional services provide dedicated teams to insure successful and on time deployment of your CMS project.

Consulting Services

DotCMS offers consulting services that are designed to help make the most of your technology investment and keep your projects on track. Consulting Services engagements bring dotCMS Enterprise customers into direct contact with dotCMS consulting engineers and provide personalized and tailored expertise directly applied to your unique business environment.

You can choose from several standard consulting options; Jump Start, Upgrade, Configuration and Performance or Architecture Reviews or, depending on your requirements, we offer Custom Engagements where we work together based on work orders or statements of work with collaboratively defined requirements and deliverables. A typical example of a Custom Engagement would be migrating an on premises dotCMS setup to dotCMS Enterprise Cloud.

Contact us to learn more about how dotCMS Consulting Services can help your team move forward faster with dotCMS.

Note: dotCMS Consulting Services are available exclusively to customers with a valid dotCMS Enterprise License and Support contract. For more advanced customers we also offer Core Enhancement engagements where customers work directly with dotCMS to provide significant new capabilities to the core dotCMS software.

Minimum 5 Days
Format Remote or Onsite
Description The jump start package is designed to remove the stumbling blocks that slow a new project down. Leverage our deep experience to help your team avoid the common mistakes that can throw a project off timeline before it gets started. A dotCMS expert will sit with your team to help design and implement  the right solution, from sharing best practices for setting up roles and permissions to assisting in designing relevant content structures, to help with implementing HTML and CSS into dotCMS templates and themes in a sustainable and reusable manner.
What we need from you
  • Functional requirement documentation
  • Wireframes
  • Project Chart
  • Content migration requirements
  • Content integration requirements
  • Permission requirements
Minimum 5 Days
Format Onsite
Description Developers get a head start on builidng advanced customizations and integrations using the dotCMS plugins architecture. Select the Developer Jump Start Package when you're ready to add custom functionality or extend dotCMS with custom plugins and need assistance.
Minimum 5 Days
Format Onsite or Remote
Description Whether you completed your implementation with or without the help of dotCMS Consulting Services, our Go Live Assistance Package provides help for your team to make sure all the aspects of your go-live plan are covered and that you have the ready and required support resources to iron out any last minute changes and adjustments.
Minimum 5 Days
Format Remote
Description Do you need to upgrade to the latest dotCMS release but lack time or resources to take care of it? Don't worry, our experts will plan and complete the upgrade process for your system and help your team troubleshoot and adapt any custom functionality present in your earlier dotCMS instance.
Minimum 3 Days
Format Remote
Description Having trouble with a dotcms plugin? Looking for an expert set of eyes on your custom code?  With the plugin review package,  you have a dedicated dotcms developer that will review your plugin or code with an eye towards the code's architecture, performance and long term maintainability. During the code review process, the dotcm developer will interact with your team, review your code and share insights and best practices that are actionable and that come from long experience developing in dotcms.
Minimum 5 Days
Format Remote or Onsite
Description Small or large, simple or complex, single data center or multi-regiion push publishing architectures, dotCMS Consulting Services can provide an overall review, assessment and recommendations for optimizing your setup.
Example Deliverables
  • dotcms server diagram
  • Recommended dotcms configuration
What we need from you
  • Network diagrams
  • Traffic metrics
  • dotcms support contract
Minimum 5 Days
Format Remote or Onsite
Description Our experts will examine the configuration of your dotcms instances and provide your team with recommendations regarding hardware resources, Java Virtual Machine settings, cache setting, cluster configuration, and results of stress tests among others.
What we need from you
  • Access to servers being reviewed
  • Network diagram
  • Existing stress test results
  • Functional requirement definition
  • Wireframes
Minimum 12 Days
Format Remote

Running in a custom configuration? With Stack Certification, dotCMS engineers will configure a custom testing platform that includes the specific versions of your database, operating system, JVM and application server (up to 3 server cluster). DotCMS engineers will run a full regression test on dotCMS functions on this custom testing stack and provide a documented certification that all features and functions are performing as expected.

What is not included in certification
Load Balancer(s) configuration
Fronting Servers, e.g. NGINX, Apache
Networking and Network Shares
Custom Implementation
Custom Plugins