Dotcms Enterprise is licensed under the dotCMS open license - a business friendly license that is both open and flexible.

Licensing That Fits Your IT Strategy

DotCMS Community and Enterprise products are covered by separate licenses. While dotCMS Community is distributed under the GPL 3.0 open source license, dotCMS Enterprise is licensed under the dotCMS open license - a business friendly license that is both open and flexible.  It is the perfect platform for building on and customizing your dotCMS installation and provides assurance that comes with a commercially backed product.

DotCMS has seen first-hand how enterprises have embraced open source software. While in-house developers and web professionals enjoy the flexibility, rapid growth and community participation, business executives and IT stakeholders have continued to struggle with intellectual property issues and the viral nature of open source licenses.

Dotcms understands these requirements and has developed a license that provides the benefits of open source software and the intellectual property protections afforded by proprietary offerings.

The dotCMS Open License (Enterprise Editions only) provides clear indemnification, warranty as well as grants both non-viral intellectual property rights to the subscriber while maintaining the benefits and spirit of open source.

The dotCMS Open License is only available with the dotCMS Enterprise offering.