What is a Hybrid CMS

The freedom of a headless CMS with the full functionality of a traditional CMS.

A true hybrid CMS gives you the freedom of a headless CMS ー with the functionality and ease-of-use of a traditional platform. Whether you’re looking to build headless, traditional, or a combination of both dotCMS has you covered.

What is a Hybrid CMS

Edit Mode Anywhere

Single-page Application (SPA) Editor - giving your marketing team an undisrupted editor experience, regardless of your content delivery model, is the key to growth in the IoT era.

This is why we built Edit Mode Anywhere our SPA editor, making dotCMS the only Hybrid CMS on the market that gives your team access to our intuitive authoring features — including inline editing, layout design, personalization, drag and drop, and more — no matter how your content is delivered, closing the usability gap marketers find in a pure headless cms.

Hybrid CMS Key Features

Create the ultimate customer experience across all channels, devices, and touchpoints - with an undisrupted authoring environment to stay ahead of the competition and maximize ROI.

Publishing Freedom

Both static and dynamic content publishing are supported simultaneously. Schedule campaigns and use the TimeMachine to preview future or past experiences.


Everything in dotCMS is content - and all content (including permissions and relationships) is exposed over modern REST APIs to future proof your content.


Manage hundreds or even thousands of sites or channels from one centralized platform. Share content across your ecosystem to reduce inconsistencies and create a consistent experience.


The flexibility to deploy on a public or private cloud (or even on-premise) at the same time delivers the tailored level of control and reduces the costs of any IT budget. 

Push Publishing

Easily schedule and publish sites, content, and code between authoring and production environments as well as publish assets, files, or even entire sites to CDNs.

LowCode / NoCode

dotCMS provides the drag-and-drop capabilities needed to easily create custom layouts, templates, workflows and content types.

Roles & Permissions

Customize roles and permissions to keep your content safe and team members productive.


Build multi-step workflows with features like Four Eye approval, AI translations, and third-party integrations.

Scalability & Speed

Java infrastructure and multi-tenant capabilities allow you to scale across your organization quickly and easily.

Success Stories


How a Century Old Burger Brand Serves Up Cutting Edge Customer Experiences

In the year 1921, White Castle served up its first burger in Wichita, Kansas. That same burger led to White Castle becoming the first fast-food chain in the United States, boasting 10 locations nation-wide by 1930. Today, almost a century after White Castle’s burger debut, the company is still innovating—except this time…

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