Github Flavored Markdown

Github Flavored Markdown

Updated October 29, 2015
Author dotCMS
Version .1
Compatible [3.0se, 3.0ee, 3.0ep]
Description This dotCMS osgi plugin provides a github flavored markdown (gfm) compatible markdown parser (for the most part). It is built off of the txtmark project by René Jeschke. It provides a viewtool that can be used in dotCMS to parse text/content for gfm.


$markdown.parse("**Parse** *this* ~~string~~")

will result in

Parse this string



$markdown.parseFile("/application/", false)

Will parse /application/

$markdown.parseFile("/application/", true)

Will render the file /application/ as velocity then parse the output of it as markdown

You can also call a file on a different site (hosted in the same dotCMS instance)


will parse the /application/ on

There are no dependices to install, all you need to do is upload the ./build/libs/plugin-viewtool-markdown-0.1.jar into your dynamic plugins screen and the viewtool should become active.

See this related blog post for more information:

For the sourcecode, see the github repo:

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