Updated June 06, 2012
Author Arnaud Romary
Version 1.5
Compatible [2.0]
Description The forum plugin was developed as a way to easily deploy the common functionalities of a forum on your dotCMS website. It offers a solution where discussions can take place, with forum members able to contribute and subscribe to topics and threads. Although a plugin needs to be deployed to take advantage of all of the features, the forum is based mainly on velocity code, structures and existing macros.

Click here to download the assets required for installation.

Click here to download the detail plugin documentation.

Note: All VTL files parsed in the structures are included in the plugin and will be placed in Located in PLUGIN_FOLDER/static_velocity folder once deployed.


Plugins are feature additions outside of the dotCMS core code and unless explicitly stated otherwise, are not covered under the enterprise warranty. However, support for plugins is available through our professional services department. Contact us for more information.