Meet the Challenges in Multisite Content Management (Multi Tenant)

Build all your content driven sites, apps, intranet, extranet and digital experiences in one easy-to-use system.

Companies that need to build, launch, and manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of websites can face significant challenges in the sheer complexity of their operating environments. Learn how dotCMS has tackled the challenges of massive multisite web operations head on. Download the free solution brief - Effectively Managing Complexity in Massive Multisite Web Operations. With this informative e-booklet you'll learn about:

  • Reducing complexity in multi-site web operations
  • How dotCMS does multi-site and multi-channel more efficently and at lower cost
  • How to create harmony between marketing, web & UI/UX developers and IT
  • Identify key areas of flexibility and performance in content management

Go massive multi-site. Get multi-channel. Garner marketing magnificence. With dotCMS it’s easier to deliver compelling digital experiences no matter the device, channel or platform you’re targeting.

Go Massive Multisite

  • Massive Multisite Capabilities - 1000's of sites and 1000's of content contributors on a single system
  • Unlimited - sites, pages, content, users, contributors, publishers, and developers – you’re never charged for things you build in the system
  • Granular and Role Based Permissions – super powered permissioning of users, roles, workflows and almost any object in the system
  • Code Once Reuse Many – Share content, templates, themes, assets, widgets, pages, at almost every level
  • Elasticsearch - site search for each site, includes geolocation and faceted search
  • Ready for Complex Organizations – Groups, divisions, locations, facilities, franchisees or affiliates – set-up, organize and manage your sites, content and users in a way that reflects how your organization works

Get Multi-channel

  • Multi-channel Content Hub - building, branding, managing and maintaining all your sites, web apps and user experiences in a single platform
  • Works Well with Others - REST APIs, Remote Widgets, Plugin Architecture, Spring, XML, JSON, Javascript, OSGI, and even CMIS make dotCMS easy to integrate, fast and familiar to use
  • Share or Separate - content, templates & assets can be shared across sites, devices, and platforms - or not. Device optimized content - IoT ready.
  • Framework Friendly - designers and developers can build anything they can imagine using their favorite tools and frameworks for web, mobile, and social
  • Performance Optimized - Comprehensive Caching scheme lets you set cache at the system, site, page, widget and/or contentlet level for fully optimized performance tuning where and when you need it

Garner Marketing Magnificence

  • Launch Fast - three steps to a new site: copy, edit and launch - one pagers, campaign sites and micro-sites at the click of a button. No developers required
  • Agency Ready – manage sites as an internal team; in-house agency style and/or delegate site management to customers, clients or third parties. Ready for Digital Agencies
  • Vanity domains and URLs - map campaign domains and urls to specific sites and pages
  • Comprehensively Multi-lingual - multiple i18n options for front-end content delivery and for content contributors (authoring/admin tool)
  • Editorial Workflows - for editorial process and publishing control. Workflows adapt to your organizations work-style not the other way around
  • Ultimate Branding Control - uniquely brand different business entities online and at the same time share functionality, code and content across sites and applications. Total control balanced with super flexibility and ultra efficiency for marketing performance

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