Responsive by Design

Unrivaled Support for Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Create once, publish everywhere (COPE) and get unrivaled support for responsive design, HTML5 and literally any CSS framework, plus built-in Sass and Less preprocessors. DotCMS makes it easy to deliver engaging customer experiences no matter the device, channels or platforms you’re targeting. UI/UX designers and web developers build with the tools, technologies and responsive frameworks they love, improving productivity, reducing time to market and reducing project complexity and support.

Themes & Templates or Not

Get started with pre-made responsive themes and templates - 13 frameworks and counting - that automatically adapt and optimize your content, images and videos to fit mobile devices. Or, you can just as easily code your own and extend features to leverage native device capabilities such as geolocation services or delivering mobile optimized content to 3G connections using WURFL (database of device attributes).

Ready for the Next Big Thing in UI/UX Design

Since content can be fully decoupled from the presentation layer, it’s easy to prototype, develop and deploy different sites, apps and digital experiences using completely different frameworks and reusing the same content across multiple channels. This means you'll be able to easily add a mobile strategy to your multi-channel marketing efforts and this kind of flexibility means you’ll always be ready for the next big thing (NBT) in web, social, mobile user experience design. You’re never locked into a single way to build with dotCMS.

Experience a content management and digital experience platform that is truly responsive by design. That’s dotCMS.