Getting Started with IoT?

You might be wondering how to develop an IoT strategy of your own or even more, wondering if your enterprise should be considering the Internet of Things at all. “What could the IoT mean for our business,” you might ask?

We find that most companies we talk with have the nuts and bolts to "do something" with IoT. They have the raw materials. What’s lacking is they don’t have the strategy and expertise to innovate, build, and bring it to market. For IoT, that's where collaboration with experienced teams come in… — David Parker, Director IoT Business Development, Architech

To help you get started, Architech (@architechca), a leading digital experiences studio specializing in creating innovative IoT applications and dotCMS (@dotcms), makers of the developer friendly, IoT ready, Java open source CMS have published a new eBooklet: Getting Started with IoT - Use Cases and Ideas. It’s perfect for those considering or just entering the “wild-west” of the IoT.

Inside Getting Started with IoT - Use Cases and Ideas you’ll learn about:

  • Push Marketing and Micro Location Interjection
  • On Premises Queue and Traffic Monitoring
  • Digital Signage, Digital Displays and Omni-surface Touch Interfaces
  • Ideas for Verticals: Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Telecom, Travel
  • Key Technology Requirements for Implementation

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Getting Started with IoT

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