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It's not uncommon for content managers, editors and marketers to forget that their content management system (CMS) should in fact be… a management system for content. Download the FREE e-book - Managing Content as a Product – 10 Practical Ideas to Get More Value from Your Content Strategy and Content Management System and you'll learn:

  • Manage content as an asset of value
  • Tune, tweak and time your content
  • Manage the content lifecycle
  • Improve context and categories
  • Simple processes adapt to almost any content management system

Even with the emergence of an entire industry segment focused on content strategy and content marketing, it is incredibly easy for marketing and web teams to be distracted by the effort required just to build digital experiences and dynamic customer journeys. As a result, teams often neglect the basic management of their own content, as assets of value. Download your free e-book today and get more from your content strategy and content management system (CMS).

Also as a bonus, we've included with your free download a link to the webinar video: Content Management in an Omni-channel World - Ideas and advice to help manage content in a multi-channel world. Simply complete the form and get your helpful resources now.

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