What's New in dotCMS 5.2

This release continues to build upon the 5.x Series foundation by addressing exciting new and improved capabilities that will reduce dependencies on developers and provide business teams with the tools needed to create trusted, continuous, and connected customer experiences. 

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  • Enhanced Personalization
  • Revised Form Builder
  • Native Support for WebP Format
  • Native Support for Animated Gifs
  • Updated Image Editor
  • Controlled Workflows
  • Enriched API Reporting
  • New Starter Site

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Key Features

dotCMS 5.2 offers a variety of exciting new features and functionalities, including enhanced personalization and a revised form builder.

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Enhanced Personalization

Content targeting and personalization can be set at a content container level, which allows for unlimited variants of a single page, helping to build a better experience and deeper engagement with your brand.

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Revised Form Builder

The new Form Builder makes it easier and more intuitive for marketing teams to build and manage webforms, which can be designed via a drag-and-drop interface and integrated with a workflow to trigger specific workflow actions when data is entered into a form.

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