Connected Experiences

Operate as a connected enterprise, where marketers, merchandisers and technology teams collaborate and supplement each other - in sync and agile at all times.

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For Marketing Teams

Integrated Digital Marketing

The ability to create content and experiences once and re-purpose them on every touchpoint, across any device, along the customer journey. Your customers no longer accept experience gaps when switching touchpoints or channels and dotCMS is the content foundation that helps you to be IoT-ready - aligning your authorized marketing content and data with your digital marketing strategy.

Edit Mode Anywhere

Delivering a connected experience means your marketing team has to be connected while building them. Native NoCode tooling that allows for preview, inline editing, drag & drop, and personalization, guarantees a seamless and undisrupted editor experience. Regardless where and how the content is exposed.


A connected experience means it’s about your customer and your customer only, building a deeper and emotional bond with your brand. Offering data-driven personalized experiences based on context, history and intent creates the unique experience your customers are expecting, while your brand is respecting their data and local compliance legislation.

For Technology Teams


Powering an omni-channel digital experience platform at the speed of light requires a complete API-first approach for every aspect of the platform. Content, including relationships and permissions, are exposed over APIs. This drives agility, time-to-value and easily scales. Utilizing the dotCMS API Tooling makes integrations with adjacent applications a lowcode effort, secure, and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership significantly.


High availability and rapid deployment of engaging experiences helps to drive time-to-value and sets your brand apart from the competition. Auto-scaling of cloud resources will guarantee a top-notch experience performance and keep customers coming back for more.


Omni-channel customer experiences are the norm, and managing all of them from a single environment drives consistency and re-usability of foundational content and experience building blocks. Easily manage multi-brand customer experiences on a global scale, connecting every touchpoint across each channel.