Commerce Experience Solution

The focus on engaging experiences and hyper-personalization — rather than just products and services  is what's allowing top commerce brands to differentiate and win. dotCMS and Dept built our Commerce Experience Solution with this in mind. 

Learn how the API-first and AI technologies of dotCMS, Commercetools, and Unbxd all work together in this solution. 

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E-Commerce in an IoT World

Digital commerce, or e-commerce, has never been as disruptive as it is right now. Technology is evolving at the speed of light and competition not only comes from the usual suspects, but from digital-navitve startups as well.

The new dotCMS Commerce Experience Solution, based on foundational and API-first technology, helps customers to win with guaranteed conversion rates and highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership and ROI. The commerce experience foundation is based on three key pillars:

  • NoCode & API-first Content Management
  • API-first Commerce Engine
  • AI-powered Search & Merchandising


Headless + Commerce: Our Experts Weigh-in

Experts from dotCMS, Dept and Unbxd came together for a fireside chat about the need for headless commerce solutions in a rapidly changing digital landscape - covering the benefits of the partnership between dotCMS and Unbxd for AI-driven site search, the main pain points DEPT is seeing in the eCommerce space that’s pressuring retailers to innovate, and what the future holds for the headless solution developed between all three companies.

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