GraphQL and Layout as a Service

Learn about new and exciting features available in dotCMS, and how they help customers and implementation partners to be more successful in their digital endeavors. Watch our on-demand webinar to get an in-depth look at each feature and capability including:

  • Edit Mode Anywhere
  • Content Types & Field Variables
  • Content Relationships
  • Improved Accessibility
  • GraphQL Support
  • Scriptable API Builder
  • Structure Designer
  • Improved Security

Key New Features

dotCMS offers a variety of exciting new features and functionalities, including an industry-first Edit Mode Anywhere and GraphQL support.

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Edit Mode Anywhere

Our Single Page Application editor enables all dotCMS editing capabilities for your SPA, including inline editing, layout design, personalization, drag and drop, and more, giving business users access to the full dotCMS editing experience, regardless of the tech stack used to deliver the SPA, site, or any content-driven application.

GraphQL and dotCMS

GraphQL Support

dotCMS includes a high-performance GraphQL API. Minimize your JSON payloads, combine requests and only get back what you need. dotCMS now auto-generates GraphQL schemas based on the content repository and allows you to query and return content quickly and efficiently.

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