The Future is Contained

You need a container-ready CMS

dotCMS is container-ready Hybrid CMS that empowers its customers with improved speed, increased scalability, hardened security, reduced costs, user-friendly content authoring interfaces, and headless content management.

Why Containers

Why Containers?

Containers make it easy to package software into standardized units and microservices for easier development and deployment. International brands including Netflix and Uber have already embraced containers, removing the conflicts that arise from the various environments and software that all innovative teams want and need.

Containers aren’t new —
but they are shaping the future of the enterprise digital landscape.


Containers in dotCMS

Because containers serve microservices so well, decrease costs, and speed up the time to market, you can expect to see more brands leaving virtual machine behind in favor of Docker, Kubernetes, and Amazon AWS-powered containers.

The future is contained, and it’s time to think about how you’re going to compartmentalize your digital presence for the benefit of your developers and customers.

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