How Junior Achievement Manages 120 Websites with dotCMS

Thanks to dotCMS’s NoCode approach, Junior Achievement achieved the flexibility to create multiple websites without having to worry about the code-based heavy-uplifting.

Create a Globally Distributed Publishing Network

Producing and managing top-quality content at a global level is much harder than it seems. Each market has its own needs and requirements as well as different cultural behaviors and languages.

The conventional method is to create multiple sites that each has its own content repository, resources and databases. For a handful of websites, this is manageable, but in the case of Junior Achievement who needed to manage 120 websites, the conventional route leads to content duplication and inconsistent brand messaging.

The alternative is to have a multi-tenant platform that enables you to quickly build authoring and publishing environments across different geographic regions from a single shared interface.

Watch and learn why Junior Achievement chose dotCMS.


Flexible Multi-Tenancy

For Junior Achievement, they knew having a single domain to serve 120 office locations would not bode well with their SEO rankings. It was imperative to have a separate domain or subdomain for each office site so that they can easily be found on search engines in different regions. dotCMS provided the “flexibility” to achieve that through its multi-site management tool.

“Top-Notch” Tech Support

When managing multiple websites in Junior Achievement’s case, it is reassuring to know that your platform is fully supported by a dedicated team of engineers that strive to meet your needs in the most efficient and effective manner. Watch to get a first-hand perspective of dotCMS’ “fantastic” tech support.

An Investment in the Future

The team at Junior Achieve didn’t just want a platform that could just seamlessly deliver their experiences across 120 sites. They wanted a platform that could readily adapt to the ever-changing demands of the IoT-era. On observing dotCMS’ future plans of further incorporating AI technology in content management, Junior Achievement made the right decision in partnering up with dotCMS.