Content Publishing Software - Deliver content to any device or platform for the internet of things (IoT)


dotCMS push publishing provides a flexible publishing platform for large scale content management deployments.  Like all things in dotCMS, the push publishing has been designed to be simple to use and still provide the power to design the architecture and process that fits your organizations' needs.

Push Publishing Features

  • Easy browser-based administration - manage your remote servers and publishing process via an intuitive web based Administration UI 
  • One and Two way synchronization - Sync your content changes between servers in any direction to insure your Development, Testing and Production setups all have the latest data.
  • Push Spring Web and OSGi applications - Remotely publish your OSGi plugins, which can include Spring Web Apps, content, assets or code between environments.    
  • Scales to your needs - Push Publish anything from a single piece of content to an entire web site.
  • Scriptable deployments - Build downloadable, repeatable bundles that can be deployed (RESTfully) to multiple dotcms instances programmatically.


Some examples of server configurations possible with dotcms push publishing:

  • Authoring → Delivery
  • Authoring → Load Balanced, High Availability Delivery

Enterprise Deployments:

  • Authoring → Testing/UAT → Delivery
  • Authoring → Delivery and Disaster Recovery
  • Authoring → Geographic Content Distribution
  • Authoring → Multi-node Shared Nothing Delivery
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