Get Started with dotCMS

Latest Version: 21.03
Docker: dotcms/dotcms:21.03

Run dotCMS on Docker, AWS, on bare metal, or compile the source from GitHub.

Need enterprise features? Simply request a free 30 day trial license once you login to your dotCMS instance. 

Building dotCMS from Source

It is easy to roll your own custom dotCMS build. Our open source code is on GiHub and can be downloaded, modified and reused as needed.


Clone the dotCMS Git Repository

Run the following command to clone the repository.

git clone

Compile dotCMS

Once you have cloned dotCMS, you can `git checkout` the branch you want to compile. In this case, we will compile the `master` branch. dotCMS uses Gradle as our build tool. You need to be in the `core/dotCMS` branch to use it. The gradle task `createDist` will download and package a complete dotCMS distribution.

cd core
git checkout master
cd dotCMS
./gradlew createDist

After gradle is done, you will find your newly built dotCMS distros (both tar and .zip) under the `/core/dist` folder. This is the complete dotCMS package, including a Tomcat app server needed to run dotCMS.



At this point, the newly minted dotCMS build can be deployed just like our distribution. For instructions on how to do this, see:

for detailed instructions on how to install and configure dotCMS.

dotCMS Cloud

We offer complimentary evaluation support, allowing you to get the most out of your time and effort. To get started, complete the form below, and let us show you how we can help in your CMS evaluation.

What's Next?

After a quick conversation to understand your requirements, we will spin-up a dotCMS Cloud sandbox and work with you to build out your most business critical use-cases for the best possible evaluation experience. It is our investment in you without any commitment or cost. Of course, we are still happy to fill out the spreadsheets and answer all your questions in writing, but what better way to evaluate a CMS than to use it? No Hassles. No commitment.